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    According to the FBI ammo tests this stuff does realy well against glass due to the jacket being bonded to the core of the bullet. And it's also available in 50AE.

  3. I use federal hydro shock in my 45 for defence. and cheep ball ammo for target shooting

  4. I like both gold dot and lawman by speer, although i usually buy lawman because it is more reasonably priced, and basically the same ammo.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Mobuck View Post
    I carry GD 124 grain non+P 9mm. Works well for everything I've used it for. Coyotes, skunks, groundhogs, coons, deer-they all died quickly. Will shoot through the chest cavity of a deer. Not target grade accuracy but I don't carry a target gun. Mine are from an old run of Blazer aluminum cased ammo no longer available. I also have a supply of 147 GD but find it penetrates too much from my pistols and relegated it to carbine use(really shines as a carbine round).
    Be careful in describing your experience in using those loads, Mobuck, or else 'someone' may question your motives for shooting said animals and deem you a 'cold and heartless' person! (as for me, thank you for your post and I appreciate the information you just gave)

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