Should I have bought the firearm?
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Thread: Should I have bought the firearm?

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    Should I have bought the firearm?

    Saw this muzzleloader on my vacation. Its an unknown age (at least for me).

    .32 Cal


    I did test the hammer and trigger and they seemed to be functional.

    Did I miss out on a good deal?

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    It's too bad you didn't get a close up shot of the engraving on the barrel - that might have told us the story of its origin.

    The stock seems compromised - split off at the base of the barrel. I wouldn't shoot the thing for fear of the barrel coming off it.

    With that said - maybe it would have been a nice collectible to hang on your wall? Hard to say..
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    It looks like a reproduction and it's in poor shape. I'd pass.
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    Old adage: When in doubt..... don't.

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    You did good not buying that rifle. It would have been art work. I wouldn't shoot it from the picture review and I have shot a number of muzzle loaders over the years.

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