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Thread: My Glock 30 has been dropped several times

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    Quote Originally Posted by theohiostate77 View Post
    When I say it has been dropped several times it has been over the period of me owning the was not within a few days. Has no one else ever dropped there firearm?
    Yeah. At work.

    I had been trying out different carry bags (yeah, I know, bags suck, yadda yadda....) and this one I picked up had a wonky strap. For some reason, if you grabbed it while it was open, the strap would make the bag flip completely upside down. Well, I keep my bag on a shelf, near me, open all day. I mean, how much good is it going to do me if I have to fumble around with it at my desk? So I go to grab it at the end of the day, and the whole thing does a 180, my gun falls to the ground, hammer first, and I am waiting in that slow motion moment for the damn thing to fire. It doesn't, I say a silent prayer of thanks for Mr. Walther's half-cock and the fact that my area is isolated from the rest of the employees, and go out and buy a new bag.

    Moral of the story? You should probably get a good holster (Lemee alone...I'm thinking about it!), most guns have adequate safeties to prevent dropped discharges, and Glocks are built to withstand just about anything you can throw at them.

    Oh, and do try to stop dropping it if possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theohiostate77 View Post
    When I say it has been dropped several times it has been over the period of me owning the was not within a few days. Has no one else ever dropped there firearm?
    50 years old now, shooting handguns since I was 17. I've dropped a gun maybe three times in that period. In each case, I was being stupid.

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    I can only recall having dropped mine ONCE. Ever. When I started carrying again, while trying to adjust new gun, holster, and gun belt. The holster did not have a retention strap, and the firearm dropped out onto the carpet.

    When someone tells me they've "dropped it several times" - that's not an accident...that is a pattern.
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    +1 for Punch and Phillip.

    Sorry... Ohiostate, it just doesn't happen that often. I can think of twice? If an idiot tosses a carbine at you and you don't catch it, does that count as a drop? (That would be one of two and I'm almost 50.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by theohiostate77:221458
    When I say it has been dropped several times it has been over the period of me owning the was not within a few days. Has no one else ever dropped there firearm?

    Well...I should qualify....I am sure I dropped my M16 numerous times...never my carry firearm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phillip Gain View Post
    Get a grip!

    Seriously, though...get a better holster, and BE MORE CAREFUL with that thing. I don't care if it was in a holster or in your hand when it was dropped. YOU are the one responsible for where your firearm is, and what it's doing. Without your action, the firearm is an inert chunk of metal that does nothing. I know that most modern firearms are engineered to be safer and withstand a good deal of punishment - but frequent dropping is just negligence, and unsafe.

    I doubt the internal mechanisms are damaged; think of the forces exerted and withstood each and every time you fire the thing. If the function isn't right or if you're worried - take it to a gunsmith and have it checked out. Yes, it costs...but how much is your peace of mind worth?

    As for the external - you can get it re-blued, or just oil the bare spot a little extra. Those first few dents and dings on a work gun are the worst to get over. Much like the first few dents and dings in your new car.
    I really like your response until the last sentence. Ugh!
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    Since you say it has been dropped several times I would be much more concerned about the condition of the person handling the firearm than the gun or the holster. I don't know what your definition of several is but more than once or twice is a concern to me of just how safe you are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theohiostate77 View Post
    I just wanted some input on this. I have dropped my Glock 30 several times. First I am concerned this may damage the internal mechanisms. Also it has had damage to the slide on the corners. Is it normal to have this type of wear and tear on your firearm. Please note every time it has been dropped it was in a holster. I just want some input.. Maybe I am just a little obsessive about the look of it?
    About the only thing mechanicly that may bother is you may have knocked the sights out of align, but this is doubtful, and no it is not normal to drop test your weapon at all let alone several times, as far as the operation of the gun its most likely fine, as far as the cosmetic look, I'm sure a gunsmith can do something with it, clean up, or refinish, polish, reblue, duracoat, but it is a Glock, not really made to be pretty, there made to be functional, and you should be a bit more mindful, it is a deadly weapon, and as good as Glocks are, for not going off if dropped, anythings possable

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    I haven't dropped one in over 40 years, knock on wood.

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    Just hav'n fun, hope you don't feel bruised. In all seriousness, i did drop my handgun once. Well, it was back before I understood the importance of NEVER placing a handgun "on yourself" without a holster and it popped out of my coat's inside breast pocket in front of a customer/patient as i arrived to set up her oxygen. She looked at me and smiled and said "bang bang". Ha, true story. So yeah, I think unless we have only handled handguns for less than a couple of years we all have dropped one at one time or another.
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