Haveing several handguns, Glocks, Sig, Springfield, Taurus, Ruger, I would sooner trust the Glock to take a beating, and still work before any of the others, and we have a ton of rds threw all of them, the only ones that were a little fussy when new were the Taurus's, all the others, 2000 - 3000 rds each and not so much as a hiccup, one of the Glocks hit the floor once, but still never had a issue with it, we have a training officer that has a couple of old Glocks he uses, have seen him take this one old 17 and pitch it against a wall, chip the concreat, hit the floor, he picks it up puts in a mag, racks it and emptys the mag, no problems, he had one soak in a rain barrel outside the range building, said it was in that barrel for 2 weeks? gets it out pulled the trigger and bang, I dont thing I would ever do any nasty stuff like that even to a junk gun, but its nice to know the gun could take it if it had to