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Thread: do you name your guns?

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    Beretta 25a - sneaky pete
    Amt back up 380 - sneaky pete jr (sneaky pete sr replacement)
    Mossberg 500 - crowd pleaser
    G19 jello hits the fan
    Beretta mini cougar 40 cal - baby cat
    S&w 357 - no I dont have a dollar

  3. Quote Originally Posted by PatAz View Post
    No, and I don't name cars or tools either.
    Same here!!
    An optimist, is someone that doesn't know all the facts!

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    No I don't. Ruger already done that for me.

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    Only the Kimber 1911 in .22, Noisy Cricket. Small calibre but loud.

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    Blackie, the Mahashka (inspired by Sean Connery's character in "the Untouchables")

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    Dang.. Glad I never started doing that.

    Although it is a tool.. it's not a body part

  8. Precious, Sting, Fluffy, Sparky and I'm working on what to call my XDM...

  9. I named my LC9 "shadow" because its always with me, even if the sun ain't shining.

  10. I got "Baby" a lil pgo Mossberg 500 that my wife straps into the old babyseat in the truck to keep it from moving around while driving.
    And I got "Amanda's coyote stick" a Ruger 96/44 my little sister used to shoot a rabid coyote that charged me while we were watering horses one day.

  11. I named my 357 magnum Colt Lawman 2" snub nose "Fireball" the first time I shot it at an indoor range.

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