how to win the sweepstakes?
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Thread: how to win the sweepstakes?

  1. how to win the sweepstakes?

    i wanna win that gun

  3. Simple thing to do would be to click on the link (picture) and follow the directions...

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    According to what I'm seeing, the last winner was 'Bonedaddy', who signed up on 2/28/2010, made two posts, and has never been seen or heard from again. Hope I can be as lucky!

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    Are there more guns to win?
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  6. that was funny, i swallowed my spit when i read what ya wrote, i started laughing so hard. ok, i will look for the gun picture

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    Gotta admit, winning the Giveaway would be nice. :)

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    I would love to win also. Can never have to many guns or to much ammo. Unless you are talking to my wife.

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    Oh I would love to win but the only luck I have is bad... Come think about it if there was something worst the bad luck that would be what I have.

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    I don't plan on winning anything! You get what you earn in life.
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