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Thread: Last night I had to draw my weapon to defend myself...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PascalFleischman View Post
    I believe that in Virginia, their Castle Doctrine justifies them lethal response if a person has a REASONABLE fear for their life. In this case, he prefaces his story with the fact that crime problems in his area of town aren't uncommon. I understand your scenario, and it could cause us to second guess the man. However, nothing in this story indicates to me that he did the wrong thing. Had I been at the end of a guy's drawn firearm, I certainly wouldn't make any brash moves (like turning and running)...I'd attempt to diffuse the situation by talking the guy down....because I hadn't done anything wrong. Guilty people run.

    Sounds like the cops had this guy's back, too. I think he's right, further evidenced by the fact that they didn't take HIM into custody because two Hispanic guys reported a crazy dog-walker with a gun. I think we all appreciate your new outlook on things, but the details seem to tell the rest of the story.
    Virginia Doesn't have a "Castle Doctrine" law per se; the justification of deadly force is based on case law. If you feel your life, or the life of another, is in eminent danger, you have the right to use any force up to, and including, deadly force. Another aspect of this (which I'm glad to hear that it didn't go this way) is using deadly force, or even brandishing, is illegal to defend private property in Va. ( )

    HWhite1785 - Have you contacted the VCDL about this issue, too? It would make a good story for one of the VA-Alerts ( )

  3. -1 for overly dramatic story relation.

    Did the guy come at you? or did he just come out with a pipe? If he was positively comming at you, +1 for a good reaction. If you just interrupted something, and he wasn't moving DIRECTLY AT YOU WITH INTENT, -1

    Overall, glad you weren't hurt and came out "the other side" O.K. :icon_great:

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    Ok, maybe I didn't do a clear job of describing the final threat of action. Firstly, the guy with the pipe was not next to the car whose window had been smashed so he had either heard me coming and moved closer or he was doing something else (I only assumed he had smashed the window, he may have just been waiting to jump someone), secondly, my dog growled, and then he came out from between the two parked cars. When he came forward it was aggressively and quickly and he was definitely holding the pipe in an offensive manner. I still have no doubt that at that moment he meant to do me harm. Besides, what normal person heads straight toward an agitated dog that is obviously growling at them?

    Sorry it took so long for me to post this response but I have been extremely busy this week and haven't had a chance to read the other posts until today.
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    Hey, Bro....I've got your back on this one. Only you know exactly how this all went down, and I don't question your judgement at all. I'm glad you clairifed the issue for all the doubters out there, and I hope everything is going well. do you have any updates on the case yet?
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