.357 Barrel blows off after fired!!!
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Thread: .357 Barrel blows off after fired!!!

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    .357 Barrel blows off after fired!!!

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    Is it possable he had those rds loaded a little to hot ??????

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    Could have been flame cut over a period of time!


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    I've been saying it for years - never wear yellow "ears" while shooting. Your barrel will fall off. This is proof.
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    Unless that was the last round loaded, I'm not sure I would have been turning that thing toward me to take a look into the revolvers chambers where that barrel used to be! He's lucky to still be in one piece.

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    It may be a result of the slow motion vs real time, but it sure looked like there was a whole lot of flame out of the wrong places (e.g., hammer side of cylinder) on the round that blew the barrel off. Thoughts: Faulty brass, way overloaded, cylinder not in alignment.

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    I, too, noticed the flame out of the rear of the cylinder. It just doesn't look right.
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    I've seen a barrel blow of a revolver and the top strap/cylinder come apart. Both times they were caused by overpressure due to custom reloads - to much powder, brass used to many times, wrong powder, wrong primer, to heavy a bullet. The guy's lucky that he's just out a gun that might be repairable.

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