Rule #1 of loading your own .223 ammo
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Thread: Rule #1 of loading your own .223 ammo

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    Rule #1 of loading your own .223 ammo

    NEVERRRR use Corn Cob media!!

    I couldn't find Walnut media so I used corn cob-BIG MISTAKE.

    Chunks of Corn cob all in my brass. I spent the better part of my day picking it out and tumbling it dry to shake it loose.

    I ended up, out of frustration, throwing out over 100 pieces of brass.

    Hard lesson learned

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    I never had any trouble with this. You just need to give it a good shake when you are done cleaning.


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    You've got some big pieces of corn cob!

    I spend a little extra and get really fine ground corn.

    I use a heated sonic cleaner about $50 dollars on line. (2 five minute cycles, with Dawn dishwashing detergent, vinegar and some salt) Run it through the tumbler. Because of the cleaner I rarely have to change my media. Deprime, size, trim and tumble it again. Then load and I am ready to rock.

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  5. Yupper, same here. Also tried some of the recommended pet bedding with similar result. No more cobs, all walnut hulls.

  6. If you decap first you can use either compressed air, or one of those "canned air" products for cleaning computers to blow the contents out. Put the air in through the primer pocket and since you have may have resized the neck when you decapped it should be that much easier to get the corncobs out.
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  7. I've had this issue with any media I use on necked down cases. I make it a habit of tapping my cases a few times on the inside of the tumbler lid when removing it to empty the case of any media and rarely have issues with medi remaining in the case after that.

    Of course, straight cases, such as for handguns, never present this problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bighouse Doc View Post
    I never had any trouble with this. You just need to give it a good shake when you are done cleaning.


    I agree with you
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