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Thread: Went to purchase a firearm today and got a delay.

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    I have a CCW permit, and ive bought many guns, sometimes two at a time and ive never had a problem. When im filling out the paper work i don`t usually give my social security number, just my CCW permit and drivers license, and ive never had a problem so far.

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    I get put on delay every time except for the last firearm that I purchased. It was a nice surprise getting to take it home the same day. I was approved for my CCW in only 8 days so my background must not be bad. The gun shop owner says that there is a police officer that comes in and gets put on delay every time also.

  4. "No one really knows all the real answers why."

    Actually, I think that somewhere, there is someone who does know. They just don't want to pass on that information; probably, it's just too much trouble.

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    This is my third time purchasing a firearm and the second time I have been delayed. Its there any rhyme or reason for this. Sort of a let down when you are excited about your purchase. Any info would be much appreciated.
    There's absolutely no rhyme or reason to it. NICS is so fouled up it often frustrates folks. The most important key is to be patient when delayed. I've been delayed one day, proceeded the next, waited the full period another. It can be as simple as a system backlog, which shouldn't happen. But I'd like to point out some important things that come up resulting in delays.

    System backlog
    Similar name in the system with an item
    Actual name in the system with an item that needs elevated for clearance
    Any employment requiring a security clearance
    Military service (especially combat veterans, they're on the DHS potential terrorist list)
    Not putting your SSN on the Form 4473 (yes, that actually can result in a delay)

    If it happens more than once in a 30 day period and it's never happened before I'd suggest you pull your credit report pronto and contact the FBI to find out why as there very well could be something amiss. You read that correctly, pull your credit report. It can be a quick indicator to identity theft.

    Remember, the NICS information is "supposed" to be deleted every 24 hours. If it truly were, and we all know it isn't, they would not be able to call back within those 3 days to give a proceed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theohiostate77 View Post
    I did some research and found out that the fbi has three days to provide a answer, if there is no answer it is up to the ffl to decide if they want to sell the weapon
    The original legislation did not allow for a delay, the check was supposed to be "instant". The FBI came up with the whole delay mess, IIRC.

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