Went to purchase a firearm today and got a delay.
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Thread: Went to purchase a firearm today and got a delay.

  1. Went to purchase a firearm today and got a delay.

    This is my third time purchasing a firearm and the second time I have been delayed. Its there any rhyme or reason for this. Sort of a let down when you are excited about your purchase. Any info would be much appreciated.

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    It maybe the state you live in that requires a waiting time in between purchases.
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  4. It has been nearly a year since I have made a purchase. Hmmm

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    A little more info would be helpful. What reason did the gun store give you for not completeing the transaction. How long will it be delayed, etc.

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    Did you put your social on the 4473? If not and you have a common name then there could be a possible match with someone who is prohibited.

  7. Sometimes the system is slowed. I have been on hold a time or two and never really knew why. In my state if you are a CCW holder you fill out the 4473 and provide your CCW and DL for photocopying. No phone call for background check is required. The instant check can be a royal pain in the butt when glitches occur.

  8. Angry

    It had never ever happened to me until I got falsely accused, arrested and 11 Months later stood trial for what this bum Steven Jay Sockey told the cop I had drawn and pointed my Glock23 at him. The Jury found me not guilty.
    But when I went to buy my SGL-31 and my dealer ran the back ground check, I was delayed for the very first time.
    The FBI just let it time out as when they checked they found no good reason to stop the sale.
    They did not want to waste time to call my dealer they just let it time out.
    Made me wait three days.
    It happens to many for many stupid reasons. No one really knows all the real answers why. :-(

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    Do you have a CPL, CCWL, CW&FL or whatever it is called in your state? Is your state using NCICS for checks?

  10. I do have a concealed carry permit. I have had it for three years. I did include my social number on my application.

  11. I did some research and found out that the fbi has three days to provide a answer, if there is no answer it is up to the ffl to decide if they want to sell the weapon

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