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Thread: making payments on a firearm??

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    I think some are making too much of a bid deal out of this and if one wants to use law-a-way I have no problems at all with it. Just be sure you know what the dealer expects up front. You put 10-25% down and make payments on it until it is paid for and then pick it up. About every local gun dealer I around here does that. Just remember that if you don't make the payments you lose your investment so think about it. I would much rather someone put one on lay-a-way than pay with a credit card. Paying with a credit card just invites more friviality getting you deeper in debt.

    I know I am weird but I absolutely hate saving for a special item such as a gun because when I get the money saved and then buy it I have a big letdown as my savings that I worked so hard for is gone and now I am back to being broke. To get around that I have to save twice as much as I need so when I buy something I still have some left. It is sort of like when I was a little boy and bought me a billfold. After buying it I didn't have anything to put in the billfold so I felt like I had lost out both ways.

    I now have a separate billfold that I put my squirrel money in and leave it at home unless I decide to spend some of it on something special like a gun. I then decide I will not spend all of it and go looking. I have the cash and don't get that letdown. It takes some dicipline but it is not that hard to do. As someone suggested drop all your change in a jar every night or if you don't want to do that try something else. Look at your change and every time you get a quarter that is one of the state quarters put it aside. Little things like that mount up in a hurry.

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    To andersonj: It's very simple. Not easy, but simple. Find a credit union not far from your work or home. Open an account. Do NOT get an ATM card. Do NOT have computer access to this account. EVERY SINGLE PAYDAY, physically drive to this CU and deposit a set amount from your check. Five percent, 10 percent, whatever, but just deposit that percentage of your check EVERY payday for the rest of your life! After a couple of weeks you WILL learn to live on what's left. Most people don't save because they pay their bills first. You should always pay YOURSELF first! One time per year ONLY, treat yourself to a new weapon or a small treat for your wife. Don't touch this money for anything else and you will really enjoy it when you retire.
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    If it's good enough for Eric Holder in selling firearms courtesy of ATF to the drug dealers, it's good enough for me! Anybody know if Eric could pick up the tab for a few extras for me, just put it on his VISA?

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    What Iam2Taz says about paying less when you pay cash is absolutely true. Dcselby1 has a great idea and FN1910 echoes my own personal feelings. I just wanted to expand on their ideas just a bit.

    First off, some guys use lay-a-way to hide the purchase from a spouse. I can help on this. Explain to your wife that unlike a T.V. or a video game or even a car, a firearm lasts for and beyond your entire life. It also can almost always be sold for the price you purchased it for, or with inflation, more. Therefore, if a true emergency comes along, the money is not lost or half of what it was, it is still there. Your spouse will become more compliant if you call it your "collection" or "investment" and it will look moreso if you protect it in a safe!

    I used Dcselby1's idea, but I never touched the money. I got a separate account in a different bank and had a payroll reduction done out of every check for 10%. Honestly, you never notice it! The best time to do it is when you get a raise - you just feel like everything went on as usual and you just didn't get the raise, but this account chugs along, building $50-75 every 2 weeks minimum! If you NEVER look at it and never touch it, by the time you see a weapon you want, the money is there! I did get an ATM card, but I put it in a locked box at home and didn't ever use it. It was strictly for an after-hours emergency. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Then, when you are ready to buy, get cash out, and buy used. Honestly, you make money when you BUY! Why does it need to be new? So you can be the first person to scratch and ding it? Look for a good deal and negotiate. Pay cash and make a good deal. This is fulfilling your promise to your wife - you could turn around and sell this used gun in a month and get every penny back if you had to.

    This is my own way to avoid lay-a-way and keep my money under my control. This also avoids losing the down payment if, say, my transmission all of a sudden drops out of my car a week after I make the down payment on that sweet 1911!
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  6. I used lay-away once to buy a 410 shotgun for my wife. At the time I felt she really needed it but we didnt have a lot of extra cash and 3 people on our block had been robbed at gun point in 4 weeks time. Since then she has used lay-away to buy others for me so she could hide it from me until a holiday rolled around and she gave them to me as gifts.

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    To all of the individuals preaching about responsibility, I'm fairly new at this whole " life " thing. Considering i graduated from college this time last year and have been paying off school loans ever since. I feel being responsible is keeping food in my belly, a roof over my head and water flushing the toilet. I was simply asking for advice, if i wanted to be preached to, i'd go to church on Sundays.

    For the other individuals making suggestions as to how to keep a savings account and keep it growing. I greatly appreciate the advice! I think I have tried just about every suggestion i could find, For all i know its probably a self control ( with money ) issue. I finally have some extra spending money and i buy alot of little things and before i know it * poof * everything is gone. haha.

    Either way, I will attempt to save for it and if that doesnt work out, i will do the lay a way plan. Again, Thanks to all of the individuals who were giving advice!

    Mil-Spec 45, If you'd like to talk about responsibility, lets chat. I travel between NC and GA every weekend, I know every gun related law, misdemeanor or otherwise in the states of GA, NC, and SC. I could probably right a book about it. I've looked at about 1,000 different types of safes for my weapon, I've read reviews and gun magazines from cover to cover about proper gun handling, safety, and cleaning procedures. I have played through every situation possible of when and when not to use my weapon. I researched several different factors about the use of deadly force, and proper defense tactics. I plan on signing up for beginner classes for a pistol, even though i've been using one since i was a teenager ( please note I said "Using" NOT "Carrying" ). I grew up around weapons, from samurai swords to modern high powered rifles. Perhaps you should think the next time a greenhorn askes a simple question and you have no idea what he knows or has been through. I joined this Forum to become familiar with other individuals who have been CARRYING weapons for a while and have experience in the area. I may have used them, yes, but I haven't had my CCW.

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