making payments on a firearm??
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Thread: making payments on a firearm??

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    making payments on a firearm??

    For some reason, I find myself not being able to save money. All of my
    Bills get paid and when I have extra money, it is usually spent and I'm left wondering " what the hell? ". I was thinking of making payments to a local gun shop here in town, any ideas on this? Is it even possible in a legal since?

    Thanks USACarry members!

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    I guess layaway is up to the store!
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    It should be perfectly legal. Store owner would just complete legally required paperwork when you made your final payment and actually took possession of the firearm. As said above it is up to the store. Sounds like a good way to make a sale that would not have happened otherwise.
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    One of the main local guns stores here in Albuquerque has a lawaway program.

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    I've put firearms on layaway before. Not everyine always has several hundred dollars laying around to buy something (whether it's firearms, the latest electronic gadget, or whatever else) they really wnat. People make payments for houses and cars, so why not also for less expensive items as well?

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    My local shop requires 10% down and full payment in 60 days. Must fill out all paperwork and have a current ccw permit, or have been approved and waiting on lisence in the mail. I bought my first gun like that.

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    I agree with what these folks are saying. You might get lay-a-way depending on the shop policy. But you'll never get to buy a gun on credit with the shop. (Closest to that is buying with a credit card.)

    But - I'd like to encourage you for a moment to look at the larger problem. Go to Dave Ramsey Homepage - or Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more and get a copy of "The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey. You'll find lots of useful information in there.

    Then you can be like me! No debt, buying all my guns with CASH, and not having to sweat it..
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    we have a shop that offers this option here in Cola, S.C.
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    Most Gun shops have an Lay-A-Way plan. Depending on your local shop, some will do this for Customers.I also having 4 kids, sometimes need to use the Lay-a-Way plan.

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    I did that once. I ask my dealer if I could give him so much down on a gun to hold it for me. He was willing to do so but I guess it depends on the dealer.

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