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    Kel Tec 380

    I would like some honest feedback on the kel Tec 380. It was the first gun I bought about three years ago and it was one big nightmare. Fail to feed, fail to eject, just one big failure. I still have the gun but haven't shot it in a while. Thinking of trading it in if I could. Have anyone had the same problems I had?? And If you did what did you do about it ??? Thanks for your input!!

  3. I've owned one for 6+ years. I haven't had any trouble with it unit a month ago. The hammer failed to cycle. I sent it in to Kel-Tec and they repaired it free of charge.

    I plan to carry my P3AT and after it's failure had some doubts about it's reliability. When I pick up my repaired P3AT I fired 400 rounds through it before I left the shop. I had one FTE on a Hornady CD round.

    My P3AT must have over 4000 rounds fired through it. I'm happy with it and tickled pink by their customer support.
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  4. I had trouble with my P3AT only when using JHP. They told me I needed to fire more rounds through it and try a different type ammo. I finally sent it back to the factory and they polished the feed ramp and replaced the recoil springs & slide.There was no charge for this and they said not to use steel,polymer or aluminum cased ammo. Sofar I've had no more problems. Knock on wood!

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    My Kel-Tecs have been flawless. I have a P-3at (second generation), a PF-9, and a SUB-2000. I have fired over 5000 round with out a hiccup since I broke it in. The PF-9 has had over 2000 rounds and flawless (didn't even have a problem during break-in) and the SUB-2000 has had over 7000 round and still flawless with it.

    From what I have heard is the first generation P-3ats were a little glitchy, but were better after doing a "fluff and buff". Check this link for more information. KTOG.Org - TecWerks - CB3's Detailed Fluff & Buff (fluff and buff)- Kel-Tec Owners Group

    There was some changes to the second generation, and that seamed to have fixed most problems. I have not fluffed or buffed mine and as I said, no issues. Just like buying a car, your mileage may vary.

    I used FMJ during break-in (Kel-Tec recomend using 50 round for break-in, I when 100). After break-in I fired 20 round of the JHP that I carry for Self Defense to make sure that they would feed. This procedure is what I have used with all of my firearms.
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    I bought a P3AT used earlier this year because I wanted a small pocket pistol for times (summer, light clothes weather) when my full size handgun would be harder to conceal-carry. I have put several hundred rounds (mainly PMC Bronze) through it without an issue.

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