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    Common Abbreviations

    Hi Guys,

    As was mentioned in a previous thread, there are a lot of abbreviations for concealed weapons permits. Here's a list I started. Feel free to add to it if you know of other commonly used abbreviations. Also, we can have a section of other abbreviations that are found on discussions, like BUG for back-up gun, BG for bad guy, etc.

    Once I have a substantial list, I'll send it to Luke and see if he wants to put it up as a link somewhere on the site.

    Common Firearms Abbreviations:
    CWP: concealed weapons permit
    CCP: concealed carry permit
    CFP: concealed firearm permit
    CHL: concealed handgun license
    CWL: concealed weapon license
    WCL: weapons carry license
    LCH: license to carry handgun
    CDWL: concealed deadly weapons license
    CPL: concealed pistol license
    CHP: concealed handgun permit

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    NY permits now may come with abbreviated restrictions. We always engaged in restriction stacking when doing permit services. We would advise clients to apply for a CCW permit for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, mountain biking, exercise walking, target, competition and carrying sums of money. The actual permit has a one inch space to list restrictions so many times the permit would just be "unrestricted." Worked well for a while. Now the state got wise to it and some counties are using the abbreviations (H, F, HIK, MB, EX, TAR, COMP, $$). Damn, had them fooled for a while.

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    For the other ones....
    YMMV - Your mileage may vary... = experience

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    New Mexico's is a CCL: Concealed Carry License.

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    SD: 1-Self Defense, 2-Sheep Dog
    SDAD: Sheep Dog Awareness Day, also known as "Wear you CCW Badge to work day".

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