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  1. Gun safes

    Does anyone know of a good fireproof safe with 2300 degree ceramic for under $1,000.00 Less than 10 gage steel?

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    I don't think the steel is that thick, but it fits the rest of the criteria.

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    You are looking for something that does not exist at your price point. I have shopped extensively for the last year for as big a safe as possible at the best value while still being good at fire and burglary protection.

    Today my Liberty Fatboy was delivered. I would have preferred the "same" size safe from Sturdy Safe, but I couldn't afford that. The Liberty will serve me well I think.

    Good luck.


  5. I agree Matt. Strudy safe is the best on the market. Their smallest is $1600 but you can't go wrong I guess.

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    Oh dang it. Sorry. Wrong link. Here it is: Shop SnapSafe - SnapSafe Titan Closet Vault: 1 Hour Fire Safe/ 12 Gun Modular Safe #GSTitan SnapSafes are pretty cool. I think they are the only line we carry that has ceramic blankets. They're very affordable and very fire resistance, but aren't very thick.

    You can also call Josh at, at 800-540-1695 x208. He'll give you the scoop.

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    I did allot of research myself. Ended up buying the Liberty Fatboy also. Paid an extra $275.00 to have it put where I wanted. I found several nice gun safes on craigslist: atlanta classifieds for jobs, apartments, personals, for sale, services, community, and events. At our ages, I don't have enough buddies to be moving around just south of 1,000 lbs. You can probably find what you want at your price on CL. A good safe doesn't wear out and will last several life times.

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    If you are a Costco member, check out the ones they sell. Or check them out online and join if you decide you want one.

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    Anyone know if Costco has "no guns" sign on the doors?
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  10. Sturdy

    Can't seem to find anything that compares to a Sturdy Safe for the same of less money. Now looking at Rhino Metals Inc. Bighorn 6030 Gun Safe: 26 Gun Safe on I guess the ceramic is too expensive for these companies to use for fire proofing. Anyone have a Rhino Bighorn?

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    Cracking the superstore gun safes

    Go on YouTube and watch the videos of the two guys cracking the large gun safe in 1 minute and 45 seconds with a crowbar and a pry bar. And Sentry safes alot faster.

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