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  1. Frogslube...awesome stuff

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    What gun are you using? There are usually some pretty helpful diagrams of lube points you can download.

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    Rem Oil is the only lube i use besides inox Grease for my BCG on my AR-15, i have found this rem oil to work for me and have also been told that most 3 in 1 household oils can be used as well but when i tried it on my AR i saw the oil dissolved rather quickly and didnt really lube much. I will stick With Rem Oil.


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    Gun lube is a highly personal choice for most people. Do a little experimentation and see what you like. I have heard great things about some of the high end bicycle lubes.

    I personally like Marvel Mystery Oil. It is good for cleaning off carbon fouling and I mix it 50/50 with synthetic 5W30 for an all-around lube. About $8 for a lifetime supply.

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    According to the arm. I lube my rails before shooting as well as pivot points like the hammer/trigger/sear/and barrel bushing/lock. Same for rifles. I run a clean patch through the bores, wipe the bolt faces, and feed ramps. On operating rods with rollers or slide areas I give them a little extra. Try never to have oil that you can "feel" or wipe off with your finger. When storing I give them a great coating of Rusty Duck, Remoil, CLP, or something similiar on all moving parts and in the bore. I store them upside down to keep excess oil out of the stock. Really am ashamed for allowing my old 742 carbine to get rusty. It got some moisture in a horizontal storage hidey hole and made a mess. Have it soaking in oil and have most of the rust off. Will have to re-blue--well will probably get it Parkerized and redo the stock/forearm. I like that dull finish on shooters.

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    WD-40 works great as a cleaner, but its not a lube, best to blow with air after cleaning, and use a good oil or gun grease

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    Glocks-drop of FP10 where manual instructs

    1911-TW25 grease on rails. FP 10on the other areas.

    Smith 10 series-drop of FP 10 on the rails

    As stated, a little goes a long way.

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    As we see here, there are lots of choices. I stick with a standard light gun oil because in TX I'm not faced with extreme temperatures, although it's 103 degrees today. On my Colt AR I use CLP.
    One thing I might throw in is on my Glocks that require "6 drops of oil only," I use a Q-tip soaked in oil and 'paint' it on the appropriate surfaces.

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