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    Home defense? -- Mossberg 500, one in the pipe: aim --> shoot --> kill.
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kray9 View Post
    Brandon, I disagree with your statement that "Somebody who overshoots with a shotgun won't come close to hitting anyone (intentionally) with a handgun." People who generally overshoot with a shotgun, don't place the butt of the shotgun next to their shoulder, instead they shoot from the hip and have the forward hand elevated slightly. With a handgun, people do not operate it from the hip unless the intruder/bad guy is RIGHT ON THEM and they are shooting immediately upon unholstering the weapon. Shotguns do have the distinct sound, and make a lot of noise, but a handgun is much more appropriate for home defense. Regardless, someone should take the time to train with the weapon they will use instead of simply purchasing a shotgun because they feel that it will be there when they need it.

    I speak from my experiences as a boarding officer for non-compliant visit, board, search, seizure, and a weapons officer in the military.
    I agree with your basic premise that if a shooter isn't practiced and trained in proper techniques, they will most likely miss. Shotguns are not the 'point in the general direction, mash the trigger and what ever has you scared will fall down' weapon that movies portray it to be. You have to actually AIM, especially at closer ranges because you don't get much- if any- spread on the shot until it is 30 feet down range. For example, my house gun (a customized Remington 1100 with a 21 inch barrel) can keep all 20 #1 buckshot in the black of a 100 yard rifle target at 17 yards and that's with a Cylinder bore choke installed. Inside 5 yards, it's smaller than the top of my coffee cup. That's not a lot of 'fudge factor' when it comes to hitting or missing.

    Shooting from the hip with any firearm takes training and practice. The shooter has to learn how to hold the gun and how to keep their hands' movement connected with their eyes. It takes time to learn to trust that hand/eye coordination to align the shot properly. I've seen human silhouette targets missed at 3 to 5 FEET (with a handgun)many times because the shooter was more worried about breaking the shot fast rather than accurately.

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    Hi, shotguns are a good line of defense in a home. I have always recommend that people use something like #4 or 5 birdshot as it does not over penetrate into another room as easily as does buckshot. I have seen the results of a perp being hit with 00 buck and and another with #4's. Yeah they both died but the guy hit with the #4's looked like his innards were hamburger. I have two Remington 870's. The full size gun sits in the nearest closet to the bed, standard tactical gun with a folding stock and 18" barrel. The other is a cut down gun with a 7" barrel, built here in Phoenix by Arms Tech Ltd. It has a two shot magazine tube with the rear having a pistol grip and the front grip is a folding handle . Its loaded with #7 1/2 birdshot. The gun is just under the edge of the mattress and box spring making it easy to pull out. With some practice one can hit targets up to 15 feet away without much ado. I am working with a holster maker to design some sort of shoulder rig for it to enable it to be carried concealed say under a sports coat for law enforcement. Yes its a NFA weapon and I do not recommend this for everyone. A shotgun delivers a ton of energy in a short distance but falls off quickly. The full size gun is my choice if one has time without a pistol grip for all the reasons listed above. One trick, I taught police officers using a standard 870 is to lay their arm (the one pulling the trigger)on top of the butt stock when shooting from the hip. This gives you a plane to work with giving you a fairly level gun and holds the gun close to the body making it stable. With practice one become rather accurate. And yes, I do have several full sized handguns in the bedroom but prefer the shotguns for close quarters work. Jon -- OH BTW a good butt stock stroke works wonders on someones attitude just before you handcuff them.

  5. The person who pulls the trigger on a shotgun with the butt up next to their hip and the gun pointed at their ceiling is the same person who shoots themself in the foot pulling their handgun out of it's holster! This is the person who hasn't trained or prepared for this situation. This is also the person who shoots his daughter's boyfriend or the neighbor's cat or empties a clip at a startled raccoon.....and probably missed. This person is not prepared for a gunfight. The best weapon for home defense is the weapon that you are most familiar with and have trained the most with. I come from rural Alabama where shooting doves, quail, deer, rabbits, squirrels, etc are activites of normal daily living. For the gun to come to the shoulder and the sights be fixed on the target isn't going to take me two seconds whether the assailant is moving or not. I am competent with a handgun.....but am much quicker, more accurate, and more comfortable with a 16 gauge or a 30-06. Now for somebody with police training who has spent hours and hours and hours with a Glock or their Colt 1911 that MIGHT be the weapon they should reach for. Most folks however have spent far far more time with their long guns (either from hunting or U.S. military service) than they have with their pistols. I am not telling some pistollero not to grab his little gun first. All I am saying is the shotgun is more powerful, is more of a conditioned response for more people, is more forgiving of inaccuaracy, and has a whole lot more raw stopping power. If I am at my gun cabinet in a crisis situation my revolver is probably my 7th or 8th choice.

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    One round of my Remington 870 express tactical is the equal to a full clip of .380's.

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    Moss 500 5+1 18" barrel w/adj stock all the way in and 00 buck, with 3 more and 2 slugs in the saddle. then I go to the 590 20" barrel 8+1, and then the AR, Glocks, and if all that fails, run screaming like a little girl.

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    Not a fan of non-shoulderable shotguns.

  9. so if they miss w a shotgun you think they should use a one round handgun. I think the key is train with what you shoot with. or at lest the sound makes badguys run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitetiger View Post
    so if they miss w a shotgun you think they should use a one round handgun. I think the key is train with what you shoot with. or at lest the sound makes badguys run.
    If you miss with a shotgun in a Home Defense situation you need more help then a firearm can give you. A shotgun in a HD situation is shooting at point blank ranges. As for the whole"sound of the slide sends them running". I have this to say, if someone wants the items and or to kill you bad enough the sound of a ma duce racking will not scare them sway.

    If the time comes that I need to draw a weapon to defend my family, my second action after grabbing a firearm will be to gather all my family into our "safe room". So if there is a need to fire I know I have a "free fire zone" in my house, nothing but BG's down range.

    The best defense is a good offense! Set your house up so that you know every inch of it by heart and can walk it in the dark without bumping or tripping over things. Lock all the doors and windows and watch your surroundings. If you set yourself up to be a victim that is just what you shall be.


  11. If a person shoots 2 to 5' over there intended target at 7' with a shot gun,I can't imagine how they would be any better with any other weapon. Practice with any weapon is the key. I would still take the shot gun in close quarters. And I also believe in alternating rounds, stating with double OO Buck shot, then a slug used in a double tap method.

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