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    I was asked for my ID when we sat down for lunch in Tennessee on our way to Athens and I raised a big roar about it. Thinking back now, I should have taken it with a grain of salt at the time but I hate taking anything out of my handbag just to prove something? Was I under trial and suspected of something? Anyway, I only buy .40s and .22s at Wally's and have never been asked for an ID or anything, and if someone will, I will tell him to go to hell.
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    Last time I was at Walmart they had pistol ammo ammo on the shelf...thought that was weird.

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    Here in VT all they ask is if it is for a handgun. Nothing else. Although when i was there yesterday, a new associate asked me that question. When i bought a 100 rnd bulk pack 12ga 7 1/2 bird shot. I told her it was for a handgun, she smiled and said "That's nice." She had no clue........

  5. Never been asked that in the great state of Arkansas, but then again I live in a rural area, and hunting and shooting is the norm.

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    The only question they ask in TX is, "Are you sure that'll be enough rounds?"

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    I bought a box of 45 ACP told the cashier it was for my shotgun she said ok!
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