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    Just purchased a 3032 Alleycat. I've heard they have a long break-in time. Mine is having FTF and one FTE about every 50rnds.Would appreciate some advice on ammo.Have been staying with the recomended muzzle energy per Beretta.(Sorry,meant Tomcat not Bobcat)

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    I have had a Beretta Inox .32 (Tomcat) for a number of years now. Never had a problem one with the unit. No Failure to feeds, misfires, extract..... ever.

    Accurate and well machined, right out of the box.

    OH! One "little" problem.... the back end of the slide, on both sides of the hammer housing, are machined to razor sharpness. I discovered that little fact by getting the web of my thumb/first finger sliced open once at the range. (My fault, really.... BIG hands - small gun.)

    However, aside from the mental note to myself to watch the placement of my firing hand on the weapon... I also took my trusty Dremel Tool and rounded off the worst of the sharpness at the back end(s) of the slide. IF I do it again, then, maybe I'll just escape with a puncture/bruise instead of a nasty "slice" that bled for quite a while.

    Besides, since I carry it in my pocket when "rigging myself out" is not necessary (or convenient).... should I need it, placement of my hands is NOT going to be a high priority.... getting lead on target IS!

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