.380—What You Use to Fight Your Way to a Handgun
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Thread: .380—What You Use to Fight Your Way to a Handgun

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    .380—What You Use to Fight Your Way to a Handgun

    "When war does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard."
    Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

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    Good article. The .380, for me, just isn't there. But hey, it is a heck of a lot better than a gun left at home. I'm a 9mm guy and soon to be a .45 guy. I watched a video of a gas station incident where the bad guy took two .45s at close range. He backed up, staggered for a second or two and fell. I am not sure a 9mm used in the same fashion would have done the same. It might have taken 3-4 to get the same result. The good guy did not have a lot of time. No two in the chest and one in the head kind of baloney. (One second maybe two seconds at most.) - It was quick and the good guy was moving a way from the scene getting out of there before there were additional threats. I would think if something bad was going to happen this would be the case.
    Several guys I shoot with indicated they felt the same about this incident and .45 vs 9mm. One guy has traded his 9mms for .45s.

    Psalm 82:3-5

  4. Yep

    2 45ACPS will slow anybody down.

    But so will 2-3 .380s that hit center of mass.

    And a 9MM will still take 2+ rounds, unless you get real lucky, and hit the heart, the brain, or the spinal column.

    And this is not a good time to count on luck.

    So place your shots well, and let the rest just happen. Always double tap!

    Stay safe out there.

    You want to be the one that comes home that night.

  5. Lots of snobs disagree with using a 380, I prefer them. It really breaks down to how you dress and what you're really willing to do for concealment. I wouldn't want to be shot with any gun, they all hurt! I'm also pro 380 because I'd rather not kill. If its needed then obviously several marks that can be shot for stoppage but should always be used a a last resort and life or death.

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    Besides the fact that for a small woman like me, it is easier to carry in your person. But then worst comes to worst, I have a BUG, my Glock. What do you think are in my purse? -- a lipstick and hairbrush?
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
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    I only carry my .380 when my clothing dictates it and that's almost always at work. I refuse to overdress just to carry a larger pistol, especially considering the year-round hot, humid weather here in S. Florida. When I'm outside of work my CC of choice is either a 9mm or a .357. I agree with the author's basic premise that the best gun for you is the one your willing to carry.
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    The hardware is the same, but the software is vastly different.

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    I don't get into caliber wars but would consider the .380 as my 5th or 6th choice.
    I read the article and the one word that stuck out to me was "marginal."
    I don't want a marginal caliber no matter how easy it is to carry.

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    People are always talking about double-taps with a 9MM or larger. The 380 probably is OK if you get used to firing triple-taps. It's still a great gun for summer time, when proper concealment becomes a problem. In fact, I'm considering just carrying 2 identical 380's all the time, get used to them only for protection, and leave it at that. I always have something bigger at home by the bed and in the car.

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    In a bar one night, I saw a .380 drop a man like a bag of dirt. If that's what I'm carrying, I don't feel bad about it at all. With the ammo built today (I load my own) and proper shot placement, I'll feel confident enough.
    "When war does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard."
    Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

  11. Its really simple the bigger the better its more damage harder to conceal maybe but more damage none the less yet still I carry a .380 daily and I own a 9 a 40 and a 45 to include 45/410 its just easier to hide
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