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    Thumbs down Called NRA Today

    I had to call them.

    They are sending renewal notices once a month, and mine doesn't expire until next year.

    So I asked how much money, and interest are you getting by having people renew and there is no expiration date on the renewal form?

    They refused to answer! They only said we will remove your name from the renewal notices, however it will take 8 weeks to stop them.

    Now is that a slow computer! or what.

    It makes me angry when businesses try to con you out of your cash.

    So far this is the only thing I don't like about their polices.

    Just venting!
    Crime has no boundaries - Carry Safe!

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    Every magazine we receive does the same thing. Just toss the notice in the trash. Closer it gets to the expiration date, the better deal they give you.

  4. I joined a month ago, no membership notification. I receive mail from them selling my name and address, and get all kinds of emails, asking me to join up for something. I emailed them about not getting my membership many days ago, no return email. At this point I am not happy with joining, I guess I'll have to try giving them a call.
    I just received an email, I will get my membership 4-7 weeks from when I sent it in, not real fast.
    An optimist, is someone that doesn't know all the facts!

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    NRA & Direct Mail

    You have to realize direct mail is a science. Rather than jump to conclusions about getting jacked for money or them wasting money by sending so much mail, you have to realize they actually know what they are doing and its for a reason. The NRA actually has one of the best and most efficient direct mail operations of any organization.

    The NRA's direct mail program is not about you as an individual. It's about the average rate of return, dollars per return, membership retention, prospecting for new donors and maximizing people with a donor history.

    If they receive 1 check for $100 if finances scores of additional contacts. A rate of return of 2-3% is considered industry average. If you don't want to contribute, don't. You're not costing the NRA money, they're not wasting it - it's all about capturing 2-5% of those mailed every time they send something.

    As far as membership goes, it takes 3-4 contacts on average to get a member to respond. So start six months out, if it takes four contacts that's now 2 months before the membership lapse. It takes 4-8 weeks to get through the system that has 3.5 million members, and before you know it it's ON TIME -- all because they started six months or more in advance.

    They are not loosing money by sending so much mail - quite the opposite. Early and frequent contact builds membership and attracts donations. Rather than rant against the NRA, recognize there is a method to the madness and it works.

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    I was a long time member of both the NRA - ILA and I sent extra donations when I could, but when I needed their help I quickly learned that the only time they knew my name was when it came to begging for donations. After I was snubbed by them I sent my resignation and membership card to them with a letter that said " I refuse to support an organization that will not support me."
    Ask yourself, Why did you join the NRA? If you expect them to help you with any future legal problems; Forget It, but if you enjoy the constant solicitations of funds then you are going to love them.

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    I bet Charlton Hesten is rolling in his grave at what the nra has become

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    I have mixed emotions about the NRA.
    Putting the solicitations aside, about the only thing I personally get out of it is a fairly interesting magazine once a month and $2500 worth of gun insurance. I consider their store to be very high-priced, and really don't want to advertise their logo, (or any gun logo, T-shirt, etc) especially when I'm carrying.
    Now, they say the magazine will be online only, next year (I am old and like to "feel" that glossy paper and look at pages without using a keyhole called the computer screen). And I have never had to deal with the gun insurance part so don't know what kind of hassle that might be.
    Maybe the NRA-ILA is doing something, but I get no real info on that other than snippets of news.
    $25 for renewal may not seem like much, but for a retired guy living only on my retirement, $25 here and $25 there mounts up. And I'll also say I belong to GOA and they don't seem to be too much either.
    Both of them remind me of AARP - if any of them really serve a purpose as an advocate, it escapes me.

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    Maybe this would be a good time to point out my forum signature...
    1)"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson.
    2)"Imagine how gun control might be stomped if GOA or SAF had the (compromising) NRA's 4 million members!" -Me.

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    Just saw a video of the ceo of the nra praising Harry Reid on his fight for gun rights. Yea right. Look at his record. Don't support the nra

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    Called and also wrote... to no avail... Yet!

    I'm a new guy to the NRA got a phone solicitation and stated I NEVER take phone solicitations... send me some material to look over and decide.
    Got the literature, membership card, stickers and an invoice for $50.00.
    However, on the application there was the option of No Magazines and membership for $10.00... so I opted for the $10.00.
    Now, I have joined but on my account records it still reads that I owe $50.... Called, and the lady claims it was removed and I owe NOTHING.
    But the $50 is still on my account and no mention of the $10.00.
    To top it off, I received from an NRA site an offer with a magazine for $25.00 as a discounted membership.
    I wrote and stated I would take the offer send them the $15.00 balance with my original $10.00 (It has been only 3 weeks old) select a magazine and call it a day.
    No response as of yet.....
    I like the NRA for the classes and information but this kinda of dealing on membership give it a bad image...

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