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Thread: New Shotgun: Mossberg 590A1 or Benelli SuperNova Tactical

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    I am going to get the Mossberg 590A1 though I reconsidering which model. Do I want the 20" barrel that holds more rounds or the 18" barrel that holds fewer rounds. Decisions, decisions.

  3. More rounds are good, BUT if your first concern is for home defense, the shorter barrel in confined quarters is a big plus. I have a side saddle on the stock with an additional 6 rounds for immediate reload. If the fight's still on after 12 rounds, I've made a whole lot of mistakes and will have to rely on my XD 45.

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    Is the difference between the two barrel lengths going to amount to much? Also keep in mind that 12ga buckshot typically acheives its maximum muzzel velocity when fired from a 21" barrel. I think that statistic applies to standard 2 3/4 loads and not reduced loads or longer magnum loads.

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    I bought a Benelli Nova many years ago and I use to shoot Trap and Skeet with it, until I got an O/U shotgun for clay shoot, so it has been retired to home defense. I love the look of the Nova, but I have no experience with the SuperNova or the Mossberg.

    In regards to your question, it depends on what you can afford and which one has the features you are looking for. Also, which one can you customize more?

    Even though I have a Benelli, I'm leaning towards the Mossberg. You can customize it pretty easy.

    A few others have mentioned it, even though you didn't ask about it, but I would go with the Remington 870 over the two you mentioned. Just my personal pick.
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  6. 870 is the same as a 500 same stocks same barrels

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