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    May I suggest looking at the Boberg SR9c. They are now in production and clearing their pre-order backlog. Read the specs, look at the information in various locations, watch the videos, and run through the forums.

    It is rated for +P. Generates around 25% more muzzle energy than comparable size pistols because of a unique loading system. Very carefully engineered. Relatively low felt recoil. Quality expected to be extremely high. Expensive, but less than some of the other high end pocket 9s. Excellent trigger action. Get in line. When this thing gets better known I think is is going to be a real winner. And it is hard to just eat one. People started pre-ordering around three or four years ago. No money taken; but a list made. He is down to the beginning of 2010 and expects to have stock this fall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by disneyr View Post
    Glock 26 (w/o magazine pinkie finger extender) in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster. Great in normal khaki pants most cargo shorts and cargo pants. Just make sure to buy pants and shorts with pockets that accommodate it.
    Glock 26 WITH the pinkie extention. It keeps the pinkie from a nose attraction.

    Pocket Pistols?-glock.jpg

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    Carried my PF9 today in the side pocket of my shorts. I like it.
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    I like the Kel-Tec PF-9, too. Nice in a pocket holster or Super tuck or CompTac Minataur. Might try SmartCarry.

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