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    AR-15 barrel question

    Hi guys just wanted to know about barrel life on an AR rifle if you shoot the same amount of shots will the temperature a barrel gets wear it out quicker? what i mean about this is the heat a barrel generates will it wear it out quicker even shooting the same amount of rounds just letting it cool instead of constant shooting? I say this because i read online an article that mentioned letting a barrel cool between shots will extend the life of the barrel instead of shooting constant and getting hotter. We are talking about the same amount of shots fired but with cooling between shots?

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    It is pretty much impossible for you or me with a semi auto AR15 to get our barrels so hot that it damages them, aka getting them glowing red hot and at their melting points. It's not going to happen. The heat can quickly radiate off your barrel on an AR15 or M4. I watched an interesting episode on my gun show (forgot the name) where they purposely tried to heat up their M16s as much as they could. They had to use full auto for a few hundred rounds in a matter of a couple minutes to heat the gun up to a high level, and the gas tube was actually glowing red. It was hotter than the barrel.
    Think of it this way, the metal in your car engine heats up and cools down everyday and never wears out. Its meant to be exposed to heat.

    There is no need to worry about heat, just keep your barrel clean.

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    I concur.... It is the number of rounds you shoot. You may still may get more that the next guy depending on the type of ammo you shoot. i.e. Are you shooting reloads that are hot? What is the real difference between 20,k and 22,k? I would think you would be more likely to wear your chamber from shooting crappy ammo.

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