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    My newest gun

    Well, I just received my newest handgun. My aunt had this little Charter Arms .38 and she doesn't want it anymore so she gave it to me.

    Here it is.

    Here are both of my guns. I haven't gotten a holster for the .38 yet. the .45 is my EDC weapon.

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    How is the trigger pull on the .38?

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    I have the left handed version of your .38. I like mine a lot.
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    Sweet, congrats on your new pet! May both your guns always be ready but never NEED to be used.
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    The .38's trigger pull is smooth. According to my aunt, the gun has only had about 50 rounds through it. I plan to put 3 or 4 times that amount downrange this week.

  7. I just love the look and feel of small revolvers. I'm interested to hear that the trigger is smooth. I hope our range has one to rent.

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    Beautiful little thing! Our one and only revolver is the Ruger version of a Colt, nothing much at all like that...!!! Wow!
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    Charter Arms make an excellent revolver. Great gift, enjoy.
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    congratulations on the Charter Arms.

    They make descent guns. Enjoy.

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