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Thread: Front page article, slamming the slide

  1. I let my Kel-Tec P11 "slam". I also dry-fire mine, though. (Strange that Kel-Tec says not to on the PF9, they say it's okay on the near-twin P11...)

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    The gun I own is from '94, they make guns with internal drop safeties. The drop test from what I heard is a dropping a loaded handgun from two stories, if it discharges it's no good and wasn't manufactured right or something is internally wrong. So if gun companies put this in pretty much all guns, why in god's green earth would letting the firearm do what it's supposed to regardless of a round being in the chamber or not do any damage? The ONLY thing I see can being damaged is the extractor pin and the part of barrel in rests against.

    Other than that slam the damn thing home, firearms aren't toys they a built to take abuse. Three words I have GLOCK ABUSE TEST. (I'm not a glock owner myself but they things they do to their weapons would make anybody including myself cry)
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    Let is slam, modern autos can handle it, still your personal preference.

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