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Thread: How many spare rounds to carry?

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    My daily carry is a tauras 145 holds 10+1 and carry a spare mag with 10 rnds. I carry them in a Smart Carry. I'm buying a Keltec .380 for my ankle for winter time as a back up. I'll be buying two Kholster Holsters for winter carry, one for the Tauras & one for my Springfield XD service, depending on what I'm wearing on that cold day. I'm currently shopping for an ankle holster for the keltec that will hold and extra mag.
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    If I'm carrying a single stack semi-auto I'll sometimes carry a spare mag. If I'm carrying a revolver I'll usually have a speed strip. If I'm carrying a higher capacity semi-auto - such as the Hi Power I'm currently wearing - I usually go with just the magazine in the gun.

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    Enough, I Hope

    My Primary is a Model 58 S&W 41 Magnum, I carry 3 speedloaders for that, My Back up is a Walther PP 22LR which feeds and very accurately places Stingers. I carry 1 spare mag for that....24 rounds of 41 Magnum and 20 rounds of 22
    OR, on occasion, I carry a Para Ordnance 38 Super, built from a kit in the early days of their being available. 18 rounds of 125 grain Silvertips + 2 magazines in reserve....54 rounds
    My wife carries a 4" 686 and 2 speedloaders...21 rounds
    In the trunk of my car is an M1A and 3 Magazines....60 rounds
    In over 25 years of carrying I have fired the 41 1 time and pulled the 38 super twice in social encounters.
    Going by that I carry WAY WAY too many rounds.... I'll not be reducing the round count until or unless the weight gets to be more than I can take....
    I live in a Rural area, The neighbors pickups have rifles in the rifle racks. Very little violent crime here, But there's always a chance, IF something happens help will probably show up after the fact to clean up the mess.....Better safe than sorry

  5. I carry four six round magazines of 45ACP for my Para Slim Hawg. Sounds like a like but it's not. Most people carry 2 spare mags that are anywhere from 10 to 15 rounds each.[/FONT]

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    I carry one 8 round mag on my belt facing forward so that my left index finger can guide the mag in to the well. I carry 2 extra 8 round mags in my fanny pack, which I always carry with me in the car. I keep three extra mags in my console. I believe that is a total of 48 rounds.

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    In addition to the 15+1 I run with in my EDC Glock 19, I carry two spare 15-round magazines in my Blackhawk magazine carrier. Too much, some will say. Those few ounces in weight might make all the difference in any force on force situation. Better that slight burden than the greater burden of wishing in hindsight that I had better prepared in my responsibilities toward my family and those around me.
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    20+ here! 28 rounds besides the 14 in the active magazine.

  9. Two mags to fight with, one to exit with.

    Sometimes I only have one spare mag. I do always carry a spare in case something happens with the magazine or the fight exceeds parameters of the "average" fight.

  10. I carry no extra mag, no extra rounds. I do not live in Helmond Province. They are bullets not viagra!

  11. Carry Rounds

    My XD-40 is loaded with 12+1 and then I carry a spare 12-round magazine. I tend to think that if I can't handle the trouble with half a box of ammo, then I'm probably screwed anyway.

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