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Thread: How many spare rounds to carry?

  1. For me it would depend on the firearm. A single stack semi-auto like a 1911, I would carry at least an extra mag. For a revolver, I would carry an extra reload. For a double stack semi-auto, I don't think it's that important but for my SR9c I have a 10rd magazine in the gun and I keep the full size 17rd magazine (w/o the sleeve) in my pocket. That's 27+1 rounds of 9mm. While I don't think a case of self defense would even use a quarter of the rounds, it is nice to know that if SHTF, I have something substantial to work with instead of having to get back home just for more ammo.

  3. 12+1 in the firearm (used to be 11, as I used a 12-round magazine with a snap-cap in the top position, no round chambered, but I have been dissuaded from that folly,) one 15-round magazine spare. I keep different ammunition in the spare than loaded. "Self-defense" rounds loaded (varies based on what I buy, right now it's Hydra-Shock,) plain (aka: cheap) FMJ in the spare. (I figure the most likely reason I'd be shooting more than 12 rounds on a random day is a spur-of-the-moment trip to the range, so I might as well bring cheap ammo for that possibility.)

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    2 guns 2 reloads for each.

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    I carry as many as I can. This means that sometimes it's just the 17 rounds in the Glock, sometimes it's one or two extra mags for up to another 34. Sometimes these are in mag pouches, sometimes in pockets, and sometimes just in the door of the car on roadtrips. It really depends on what I'm wearing, where I'm going, and what I'm doing.

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    In the summer, I carry 4 extra magazines for my Colt Officer's ACP . Two magazines in a hip pocket carrier that looks like a wallet.
    Two single pouches on my belt.
    In cooler weather I carry more magazines in vest or coat pockets.
    I also have a dual IWB that works well when carried IWB since it is wide enough to nat make a hard spot as a single IWB seems to do.

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    I believe the question was how many rounds do I carry not how many mags, so, I carry one round in the chamber and 5 extra rounds in the mag. Occasionally I'll carry an extra mag.
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  8. Frankly, I never gave a thought to the emergency evac. Good thinking to have extra mags.

  9. 8 round mag in the 1911 plus two 8 round mags on the belt.

    So thats like, 3 * 8 = about, carry the 2, add the a, well is it 43.2 rounds ;-)

    If 24 rounds of .45 ACP don't get me out of trouble, I brought the wrong gun.

  10. During the summer, I carry 2 extra mags for my XD40SC, the carry mag holds 9 and the spares hold 12 = 33rds.
    The rest of the year I carry 2 extra mags for my 1911, they all hold 7 = 21.
    I use a double mag carrier for both guns, carried on my 8 o-clock, with the bullets facing rearward. I always carry two extra mags for a combat reload and in case I need to clear a stoppage. I also carry a clip knife on each side and always have a flashlight and a multitool, so any more than 2 extra mags would just be unnecessary weight. If I ever landed in court, I think that I could justify carrying 2 extra mags to a jury.

    My wife carries a Ruger LC9 most of the time. She wears skirts a lot so she carries it in a thigh holster, but she also has a pair of UnderTech compression shorts that have a holster and a mag pouch built in. She carries one extra mag so 7x2=14.

  11. tigerdiver

    I usually only carry my 15 round clip. Its not likely I will get in a big fire fight.

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