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Thread: How many spare rounds to carry?

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    My OC holster has a pouch for one spare magazine that holds 10 rds. My mag pouch holds two more of the same. My Kholster IWB conceal holster does not have a place for a spare mag. So, when concealing, I carry a total of 30 rds between my pistol and my spare magazines. When OCing, that jumps to a total of 40. My mag pouch is carried on my left hip, my conceal and OC holsters are carried on my right side, slightly forward.

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    Not saying anything here BUT most of ya sound like your going into a combat zone not your local 7-11. YA'll absolutely have all the rights to and I would guess that in some parts of this country it'll look like a combat zone. But your main carry, 5 or better Mags with a BUG. REALLY????
    Some could postulate that you're armed for an offensive encounter. Jus saying........
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    I carry one extra mag for my Glock 27. Hope I never have to use it but you never know !!

  5. A spare mag or 2 plus a speedstrip.

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    Rather not wish I had more...

    Typically carry a G29 with standard 10 rd mag, and another on the hip.

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    At home I have 16, in two magazines. When I go out it's 8 in one. Facing forward, of course.

    Hope I never have to use them.
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    I carry a Ruger LCR .357 mag, with a 5-round capacity. I usually carry one HKS Speedloader, giving me 5 extra
    rounds. At times, I will carry 2 Tuff Quick Strips, giving me an extra 10 rounds.

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    At the least, I have 22 rounds on me(One 1911 and two 7 round spare mags). Generally, I have 41(one 1911 with the two spare mags and an LCP with 2 six round spare mags), and occasionally as many as 63(two 1911's with 4 spare mags and the LCP with two spare mags).


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    1911 - 2 spare candy bars - 20 extra rounds
    Walther - 1 spare, but I am thinking of adding the second. currently 15 extra.

    These Flash Mob things and Gang type attacks are starting to concern me as they are happening all over the US.

    If you get in a scrape and you have to run and somehow or lose drop your primary carry, you'll wish you had a BUG. Just sayin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen View Post
    I've searched but couldn't find anything on this site about this topic.

    The poll is designed to encompass revolvers and semi autos. So how many rounds, not how many magazines/loaders, do you carry? In your post you can describe how many magazines/speed loaders you have one your belt, what side, position, direction they are facing. Do you prefer single carriers or double carriers?

    If the average gun fight is 3-5 seconds long, and around 8 rounds, what is your reason for carrying 20+ rounds?

    I believe we should hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. That being said I carry 1-2 13 round magazines in single carriers at my 9 oclock, and 10 oclock with bullets facing forward.
    By definition, half of all gunfights are at longer distance, over longer range, and more rounds fired. Also, the statistics are skewed by cop gunfights. Cops have radios, help coming, and rarely face multiple attackers. If you are a civilian involved in a SD shooting, you will be on your own, the guys coming may not be friendly, and you are more likely to face multiple assailants. So I usually carry guns in pairs. You could have a mechanical failure, be wounded in your dominant hand, and drawing a second gun (aka New York Reload)is faster for most folks than reloading an empty one.
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