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Thread: How many spare rounds to carry?

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    1911 with one extra mag on belt. Maybe I need to add some spare rounds in the glove box!

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    I don't carry any extra mags.

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    It depends on what I'm carrying. I switch it up between my Glock 19, 23, & 30. I've got a custom made dual mag carrier I keep in my left rear pocket with two full magazines to whichever pistol I'm carrying. If my left rear pocket bulges from the magazine carrier people assume it is my wallet.

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    My XD .45 came with 2 mags, I carry two mags. This means one in the gun and a back-up in the truck. I carry two 30 round mags with my AR-15.

  6. How spare rounds do I carry?

    I cary a sig P250 9mm with 15 rounds in the mag and one chambered. Usually carry one extra mag with 15 rounds. Sometimes carries 2 extra mags. I use 9mm 147 grain hollow point rounds. I like the idea of storing extra rounds in the car, for just in case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fudo View Post
    By definition, half of all gunfights are at longer distance, over longer range, and more rounds fired. Also, the statistics are skewed by cop gunfights. Cops have radios, help coming, and rarely face multiple attackers. If you are a civilian involved in a SD shooting, you will be on your own, the guys coming may not be friendly, and you are more likely to face multiple assailants. So I usually carry guns in pairs. You could have a mechanical failure, be wounded in your dominant hand, and drawing a second gun (aka New York Reload)is faster for most folks than reloading an empty one.
    Fudo said everything I was going to. If you only prepare based on the "average" statistics, you are only prepared for half of the disasters coming at you. With "Flash Mobbing," gang violence, road rage, home invasions, and a myriad of other felonious attacks that were never heard of 20 years ago, I feel that we need to be prepared for the NEXT level of violence BEFORE it arrives or if I happen to be the first person it is perpetrated upon. Therefore, I think there is enough YouTube evidence to justify just about any amount of carried ammunition to a jury of twelve.

    My favorite thing to do is to pick up spare magazines at gun shows and keep 4-6 loaded 13-round spares in the truck in the center console and then 8-10 13-round loaded magazines with spare rounds in an ammo can locked in back. This is emergency backup/long-term reload for the really bad situations. But the personal loadout of choice is Browning Hi-Power loaded with 13 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense, Federal Hydra-Shok or Magtech Ammo and 2 double carriers worn opposite side with same magazines. I know, sounds like preparing for WW III, but if a magazine fails, or one drops out, or one has to be used as cover fire to hold everyone's head's down while moving for cover or escaping, the fact is you have options. More ammo = more options. If you can open up on a flash mob and look at the survivors, reload and then respond to the remaining members, "I can do this all day!" they may not be nearly as brave and it may actually SAVE lives.

    Something to think about.
    Edmund Burke: “The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.” – 1784 speech. Taken from Founding Fathers Notes. "The unarmed man is not just defenseless -- he is also contemptible." Machiavelli

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    Carry two 10 rounds on clip and one 10 round loaded in my Glock 40. Rounds facing forward. I do like the idea of having a box in the glove box as well, so will begin doing that.

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    When I CC the firearm has 10+1, then I carry at least 2 extra mags of 17 rds each. If I'm also OCing, then the OC has 17+1, and I have 2 more mags of 15 rds each. So I have carried a total of 93 rds on me.

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    - w/ 2 speed loaders - Hornady Critical Defense

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    I carry one 13 round mag at 9 o'clock in my Leatherman nylon sheath. Having an extra mag is essential to me as any jam might require a new mag. Rarely would I Carr a second 13 round mag but I have on few occasions

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