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Thread: How many spare rounds to carry?

  1. I useualy carry 1 extra clip, if i need more than that it,s not selfdefence, it's [email protected]!!

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    Only what's in the mag of whatever I have on me. If I need more, just have to rummage through the bodies for what I need

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    Loaded up with Winchester Supreme Elite 9mm 124gr +P JHP. And my spare mag is loaded with RWS 124 gr FMJ just in case I need to shoot through something solid.
    Friends help you move. Real Friends help you move bodies!

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    i carry a 6 shot .357 loaded w/.38+p two speed loaders 1w/ full house .357 1w/ .38+p and 12 loose rounds also split 38+p/.357 may be more than ever needed but ammo on the off side helps balance the gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdsfoot View Post
    I useualy carry 1 extra clip, if i need more than that it,s not selfdefence, it's [email protected]!!
    So you carry a revolver?

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    Depends on what I'm carrying

    Pistol: Two spare mags
    Revolver: Two speed loaders

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    I usually carry a Colt Combat Commander and 1 extra 8 round mag. Being
    retired from Law Enforcement, as civilian I don't believe I'll have stop
    any more riots. I also have found from experience that when you point a
    firearm whose cartridge size starts with a four (4) and ends with a five(5)
    Bad guys tend to leave the area as fast as they can.

    Be well and Be safe

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    In the summer I carry 10 + 1 in my Ruger SR9C and a spare 17 round extended mag. In winter I add an additional 17 round mag. Hopefully I'll never need a single round, but I'd rather carry more and not need it, than to be caught short.

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    I currently carry a XDM S&W 40, with 16 +1, plus two 16 round clips. One cannot return fire without clips! When in doubt add 16 more!

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    I carry a Ruger P-89 in a UTG shoulder Rig w/2 magazine holder 17 rounds each.

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