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Thread: How many spare rounds to carry?

  1. My primary carry is a .45 7+1 on the belt and a dual mag carrier of 7 each on the weak side. Most of the time though, I have to grab my wrist wrenching AirLite .357/.38+p for ankle or pocket due to the heat. I just grab 2 strips of 5 but I'm still looking for one consistent place to put them when wearing shorts.

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    I answered the poll with my main EDC in mind, SIG P229 9mm 13+1 and 2x 13rnd mags. But if i'm carrying my 1911 .45ACP then it's 25rnds total. If it's my SP101 .357, then i have 18 rnds total. I always carry 2x reloads for what i am carrying.

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    At 62, I still live by the Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared".

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    One extra mag for my P3AT.

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    I carry enough +2 extra rounds.

    What are we talking about here? Defend/evade/escape to safety or standing and fending off a zombie attack in Times Square?

    At home I can understand strategic positining spare mags/ammo for every scenario, but lugging around 50 rounds???

    You'd have to stand and defend until your pants are light enough for you to move!

    Anyone advocating carrying a lot of ammo, IMHO, needs to bolster their confidence with some moving target practice at the local range. When you can hit 7 or 8 out of 10 targets while moving, you'll realize that the need to carry 30 or 40 rounds is less important than reading the situation and having an egress rout set in their mind for every location. IMHO of course.

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    What they said. Depends on what I'm carrying. I usually carry a single spare mag for the piece I'm carrying. Ranges from 6 to 13.

  8. I normally carry a S&W 380 Bodyguard with 6+1. I've been wondering if I should carry an extra clip or so. After reading this thread I'm probably going to order a couple more clips.

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    I would advocate carrying one spare magazine over none just incase the magazine ever had a problem. If magazines never failed one high capacity mag would be good with me but I always carry one spare

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    I'm carrying two extra 7-round mags for my Kel-tec PF-9 & have 1 in the chamber, for a total carried of 22 rounds.

    My mag pouch is weak side at 8:30 with one mag down (facing rearward) for an initial reload, & the second mag up with the rounds facing forward. This configuration is based on the space constraints of my pouch, which is designed for a single double-stack mag, but actually works well for my twin single-stacks & reloading of the same.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    So you carry a revolver?
    45acp 7+1 and 7 more

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