How many spare rounds to carry?

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Thread: How many spare rounds to carry?

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    How many spare rounds to carry?

    I've searched but couldn't find anything on this site about this topic.

    The poll is designed to encompass revolvers and semi autos. So how many rounds, not how many magazines/loaders, do you carry? In your post you can describe how many magazines/speed loaders you have one your belt, what side, position, direction they are facing. Do you prefer single carriers or double carriers?

    If the average gun fight is 3-5 seconds long, and around 8 rounds, what is your reason for carrying 20+ rounds?

    I believe we should hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. That being said I carry 1-2 13 round magazines in single carriers at my 9 oclock, and 10 oclock with bullets facing forward.

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    For carry, 15+1 and two 15 round spares in my Miami Classic shoulder holster system. Also nice for home defense as you can grab your pistol and spare mags all at once.

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    I voted for 20+...but it depends on a few factors:

    With my M&P 45 I usually carry 10 in the pistol and 10 in a spare mag in warmer weather. (A leather single mag pouch on the belt is unobtrusive, looks like a pocket-knife case.) When I wear more layers in colder months, I generally stash magazines in a few pockets, carrying up to 60 rounds. I know if I ever have a self-defense situation that goes to court, this would reflect badly; but I like having the ability to fetch rounds from different pockets if need be.

    Just an example - in a New England winter, I might have 10 in the gun + 20 on my belt (using a 2-mag carrier since I can get away with more bulk wearing layers) + 10 in the pocket of my fleece top + 20 in my outer coat pockets.

    When I carry the GP100...6 in the cylinder, 6 more in a speed strip, and 12 more in a nice little flat cartridge wallet that mounts on my belt; total of 24 rounds. I just purchased the GP100 this summer, and am debating between speedloaders or more speed strips to stash in my pockets as the months get colder. (I'm leaning towards the speed strips right now.

    When I carry the Charter Arms .38 as a backup, I usually just have the 5 rounds in the cylinder. If I carry it as my primary - I keep two speedloaders on my belt (5 each) and a speed strip in my pocket (6) for a total of 21 rounds. Sometimes I'll also load up the cartridge wallet and hang that on my belt in place of, or in addition to, the speedloaders.
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  5. I carry much more ammunition than I think I'll ever need because: in the event of a chemical spill, terrorist attack, storm or government overthrow: I may be away from home and be forced to evacuate with only the ammunition I'm carrying and may not be able to return for a good long time to get some more.

    So I carry 6 spare 7-round mags with 2 more in the glove box that I can slip into my pocket if I have to abandon the car and walk.

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    I have one extra mag, I think if I'd be doing that much shooting I would probably get hit myself by then.

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    On a typical work day I carry one eight round mag and one extra 10 round mag for my 40cal mini cougar. I also keep a box of ammo in my locked briefcase in the car in case of natural didaster or so on. I look at it like a spare tire. You never know when you will need it, but when you need it it better be there or your stuck.

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    If flash mob is really the current fad around here, then I should have another two extra mags to accompany the three I have for each of my carry and my BUG. Or maybe I should just buy those extended mags and just throw in or two in my bag?
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    1-extra Mag of 45ACP JHP. Any more and my pants be on the ground, looking like a fool wit my pants on the ground!
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    My daily carry is a Springfield XD9sc. Carry with 13+1 and two 16 round extended mags in cargo pockets or belt carrier.

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    Well, I currently haven't been carrying an extra mag, but plan on it as soon as I figure out where I want to carry it. When I do, I think I'll just carry one extra mag with 16 rounds.
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