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    Quote Originally Posted by zoltandaman View Post
    Just picked up a brand new TCP . Any one has one and how has it been to them. When I bought it I has the choice between kel tech and the ruger. I didn't like how they felt in my hand. Plus the Taurus came with 2 mags and a bulldog holster. I'm gonna go break it in this weekend.
    I have one and really like it. I've had it for about 6 months, put about 500 rounds through it. It has had some minor feed errors, nothing major... just requiring me to rack the slide and I'm off again. The slide will stay in the locked position maybe once every 100 rounds or so, I just rack it and keep shooting.

    I've never had a "stove pipe" or anything major happen with it. I love that I can put it in any pocket and it's completely unnoticable. I trust it enough to carry it daily.
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    "Camera case" holster?

    Quote Originally Posted by GOV5 View Post
    No problems with jams so far. What I like best is the holster that you can carry outside on your belt.For those that don't know, the "holster" is a carrying case that looks like it holds a camera. Access to the gun is quick and easy. No need for underneath clothing carry, which limits access.
    Are you talking about that "Bulldog" holster? Pretty cool idea....
    Nylon Navy Ambi Cell Phone Holster w/ Belt Loop & Clip [BD842] - $20.50 : Bulldog Cases!, Nothing protects your gun like a Bulldog
    I have this and love it...
    SuperTuck Deluxe | Crossbreed Holsters - Super Tuck Deluxe
    Google Images
    The wallet is a little hard on your butt cheeks after a long day...good concept, though. The Crossbreed/Kholster is better, though...

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