New Laws Take Effect September 1, 2011
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Thread: New Laws Take Effect September 1, 2011

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    New Laws Take Effect September 1, 2011

    My fellow Texans tomorrow, September 1st new laws take effect including our rights to have our concealed carry piece and ammo locked in our autos while parked in company-provided parking areas. This has taken several state congressional attempts to finally get this passed without being loaded down with unnecessary riders, prohibitions or exemptions, but Governor Rick Perry signed this one after a courageous battle in both the lower and upper houses. Budget tightening was our primary focus this session due to major revenue shortfalls. But, our God-given rights of self protection is finally no longer a condition of employment in Texas! We no longer have to leave our piece at the house when on the way to the office. Thanks to everyone who wrote, called and petitioned our state leaders until this glorious day has finally arrived! The Governorís office staff came to recognize my voice by my calling to inquire when he was going to finally sign the Bill. But, he has always been a strong advocate for our 2nd Amendment rights and the 10th, the rights of the states. After all, it was the states that created the Federal government to provide for the common defense, conduct international business and establish treaties; basically they were established to serve the states. Now, it seems the states are held hostage by Washington D.C if they donít go along with their mandates. Thank you all for helping us restore this freedom taken away long ago. It is a proud day! Hold your heads high, keep your powder dry and your piece out of sight while stored in your lock vehicle tomorrow while parked at work! (Check the law for specific businesses are still prohibited and exempt.) Hallelujah!

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    Next step Constitutional Open Carry for Texas.

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    Congratulations to all you Texans. Maybe Perry will help us all out if and when he becomes president.

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    Im with you Nightmare45. I too hope one day open carry will be going on in Texas. Ill mostly still CC, but it would be nice to have an option.

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