Best way to conceal and carry for runners/bike riders
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Thread: Best way to conceal and carry for runners/bike riders

  1. Best way to conceal and carry for runners/bike riders

    This is an odd question but I thought if anyone might have a solution - this would be the place.

    I'd like to come up with a conceal/carry option for when I'm rollerblading or out running. Since there is so much leg movement, I can't have a holster on my side. And because of the heat/sweat, there I'm wearing shorts and a tank top. Not a lot of concealing options.

    Does anyone know of a holster that maybe straps over the chest or something made specifically for sports?

    Thanks so much for your help.

  3. I'd say lose the tank-top and go for a loose fit T-shirt. IWB in the small of the back. That's what I do when biking. I've considered getting a 'cycling jersey' with the pocket in the back, and finding a way to put it there - but I don't wear specific "cycling wear" for my bike commuting, so I don't know if I want to change my process. (I've cycle commuted longer than I've concealed carry, and have never work cycling-specific clothes, I just bike in my work clothes on all but the hottest days - those I tend to bus in.)

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    I have used fanny packs all the times I ride or run.


  5. How about a belly band?

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    Unless you like to sweat more than you already are, I seriously dislike ankle holsters, belly bands or anything that grips with friction, rubber and Spandex. My favorite exercise holster and also my backup gun holster is this one from Stoner Holster which I use daily. Stays in the pocket when gun is drawn, can balance it with spare magazines or flashlight offside and there is nothing clinging to you - perfect!

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    I run every day with my Fanny back from KA-BAR TDI.

    it works great for carrying a firearm, magazines and extra equipment.

    I can fit my 5" 1911 if I wanted, I carry my kel-tec PF9, G36 or XD9

    or my Ruger KLCR.

    the things I like about it are:

    the stiching on it is well done.
    You can wash it.
    the belt clip is easy to use.
    the belt snaps lock in really good and stay in place.
    You can deploy your firearm in an easy way from the fanny pack.
    it also distributes the weight around your waist so you are not going to hurt your back while carrying your

    so what do I carry on it.

    2.extra magazine
    3.- ID and CCW permit.
    4.- flashlight.
    5.- cell phone.
    6.- knife.
    7.- pepper spray.
    8.- small stun baton.

    answer to a persons question. was.
    :) sir. are you afraid of something?.

    my answer. Not a dang think....!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stingray2100 View Post
    answer to a persons question. was.
    :) sir. are you afraid of something?.

    my answer. Not a dang think....!
    You didn't think?

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    There used to be a neoprene belly band holster called the Active Body Sport holster. The holster is no longer being made as far as I know. It did get a lot of good reviews over on Glocktalk.

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    I also carry in a discreet fanny pack. By discreet I mean not brightly colored, and no logos. It is designed for a firearm, though, not just a loose compartment. With it are wallet (with ID and permit), cell phone, and extra mag.

  11. I use one of these: Pistol Wear - Holsters for Concealed Handguns

    SmartCarry is another similar option (

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