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    Give away

    Anyone know when they are gonna announce ME as the winner?

  3. I don't know when they'll announce YOU but they will announce ME as the winner on Sept 1, 2011

    Wait That's TODAY!

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    This ones mine. You can have the next one.

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    You win right after me.

  6. Santa, you can make all your toys at the North Pole.

    Leave my toys alone.
    I'm not a lawyer so take it for what it's worth. For legal advice ask a lawyer.
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  7. Has the winner been announced? I know my chances are slim but I can't help but be a bit anxious.

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    I've been checking all day but still i see nothing? :(

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    Everyone, you can stop wondering because my name will be selected, sometime tonight.
    God, Family, Country and Self

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    Luke has probably sent out a notification from the winner and is just waiting for a reply back. If you haven't received an email yet, the you are out of luck.

    Actually I have no idea.

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    Dang, I want my gun.

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