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Thread: Inform a taxi driver or not of your CPL and firearm?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    My point is this:

    My question is, why should I or anyone else tell a police officer about a lawfully carried gun when no one thinks you should tell the taxi driver? [/B][/U]
    Seems to me because the cop, even though he may not have the legal authority, has ability to find out if he wants to ("Sir, step out of the car and put your hands on the hood"), and when he does find out he has the means to put a lot more hurt on you than a taxi driver does.

    This if course is not a statement that I think you SHOULD tell the cop ...this has nothing to do with what is right or legal, only situational prudence. And in Texas a cop will find out that you have a CHL when they run your license.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post

    So, my question is this, especially to those who say that you should notify police officers, even when the law does not require it:

    Would you notify a taxicab driver and provide them with you CPL if you were taking a taxi somewhere while armed?
    Nope. Taxi drivers are just members of the public like all of us. If we notify taxi drivers because they have high homicide rates, then we should notify all the general public because we have high homicide numbers too, almost 14,000 people were murdered in the US in 2009.

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    I'm with chen and mendoza. If I'm being stopped or questioned, I am more likely to tell a cop because of the power he has been granted. It doesn't mean I always will, and it is not necessarily the brave thing to do. LCDR's point, and it is a valid one, is that we shouldn't have to inform, and we shouldn't assume that just because someone has a badge that they have the authority to force us to.

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    I don't automatically inform LEOs because I am worried about them going home at night...I inform them because I don't want any confusion that will prevent me from going home in one piece.

    I have no reason not to inform, and that tiny chance that it may prevent a misunderstanding that will get my butt shot is well worth it. Been shot before and it just isn't as much fun as one might think. I'll pass from here out.

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    If you get stopped by a cop when he runs your Lic he will find out you have a CCW if you tell him before he finds out it might make him feel safer everyone I talked to that informed the cop that stopped them said they got off with a warnimg for what ever they were stopped for I haven't been stopped and we are not required to inform in Nevada but I will tell him as soon as he approches my car
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    I never take taxis. I do ride the local Miami Transit buses and always make it a point to notify the friendly driver that I am carrying. I try to do this quietly so the usual gang bangers sitting in the rear don't overhear.

    With a wink and a nod,the driver relaxes.We're buddies now.He/she knows I've got their back on those mean Miami streets.
    So far after 24 years of doing this routine not one shootout yet. Maybe we've just been lucky.

    But tomorrow, who knows? We'll be ready.

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    Related to this subject, I would not frequent any taxi company that posted one of those "no public breastfeeding" signs that NavyLCDR has reported seeing in his area.

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    I will inform LEO's because I must do so under the law in my state but anyone else no! You may as well wear a T shirt with a target on your back, I do not inform my banker, the local Walmart cashier or even the Pizza delivery boy.

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    Thumbs up Taxi Driver Errands.

    Some times the Taxi Driver will cut you a break on the fare if you let him run an errand while in route to your destination. Gassing up the cab, buying smokes, pulling through the McD's drive through, et cetera.

    If the Taxi Driver knowns that you are a Sheepdog, he might even give you a free ride if you can help him out on an errand like this one,

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    Hell no!!!

    It's none of his or her damn business to know what you have a right to carry! If in the slight chance that on the cab there is a no gun sign, why would you even patron that perosn's service?!?!?!
    "After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it. I sure as hell wouldn't want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military." William S. Burroughs

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