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    New to Hand Guns

    Hi I'm new to hand guns where i came from you couldn't own them (don't ask) I have had rifles and shotguns for Moose, Rabbit and duck hunting. Now I'm an American citizen and I'm looking to buy a handgun for personal protection and also because I love target shooting. I'd like something I can get a concealed permit for eventually but for right now my question is, Anyone know what the law requires for you to transport a handgun from your home to a shooting range in Texas? Thanx for the help.

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    Andrew, welcome to America and welcome to the forum! I'm so happy to see that you have chosen to exercise your freedom to legally own handguns. To help you out, here is a page that clearly details concealed carry laws as well as transportation of a handgun without a permit, about halfway down the page.

    Good luck and let us know how you do!
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    Thanx for the help. :)

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    Welcome to America and to the forums. This is a friendly bunch of knowledgeable folks who love to help people get the information they need. No such thing as a stupid question here.

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    Hi Andrew! Welcome to the Land of the not the free dole, handouts or whatever it is called from where you came from. I myself came from another country too -- I have dual citizenship. I came from Australia and I am not ashame to admit it. Since someone had already answer your question, I will not repeat it. I just want to welcome you to this forum. Have fun while you are here.
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    G'day and Glock

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    Welcome Andrew!

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    Andrew, welcome to the land of the free and the home of (and because of) the brave. I'd like to venture a guess as to where you lived before you moved here. Canada?

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    Nice job TekGreg!

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    Welcome Andrew, to citizenship here, to the freedom to own handguns, and to this forum!
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    Thanx for the welcome everyone. I'll spill the beans, yes was Canada where i formerly lived. I've had many rifles and shotguns through the years. My favorite was an Ithaca feather weight with bottom ejector since I'm a south paw. Used it for hunting and for trap shooting both. Looking forward to handgun ownership and am already looking through Glock and Kimber and S&W models. Decisions, decisions :) Anyways thanx for the welcome!.

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