Ammo - Access and Price
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Thread: Ammo - Access and Price

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    Ammo - Access and Price

    I want to start a new thread about ammo!

    I have heard several people at shoots express concern over potential of the government looking to restrict ammo or ammo components rather than the guns themselves. Or, the other line I have heard is taxing it so heavily that the cost is prohibitively expensive.

    What are your thoughts and what safeguards do you feel are in place now to ward off any restrictions on the fuel for your carry arms.

    BTW, I stumbled onto Military Shooters, LLC They have great prices on a huge variety of ammo. One order of 5.7 X 28 arrived damaged and about 20 rounds were lost - they put a claim in to the shipper using my photos - and sent me 2 new boxes 100 rounds. You might check them out at: Wholesale Ammunition - Bulk Ammo for Sale

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    yes, I would like to see some input. here, from people.better informed than I am about this issue.

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    I currently reload the four main calibers that I shoot as it is much cheaper than current ammo prices. However, if the government does decide to increase taxes on ammo or reloading components I don’t think anyone will be able to avoid paying the price. Unfortunately the way that government works is that they will tax anything that they know will bring income to them. There is a reason why the government does little to impose greater restrictions on tobacco products. The government gets a large amount of money from tobacco companies each year. As we see more financial issues within the government you will see higher taxes on many goods and services.

  5. Except for when I buy 'specialty' ammo, I buy from Pistol and Rifle Ammo . First rate service and I have never had a problem with anything I have bought from them.

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    Nice to know where to find some more good stores for ammo. I can never have enough...
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  7. I reload a lot of ammo for my own use but I'm finding some good buys on out of season ammo from major retailers right now. Also some preseason specials with rebates or free shipping. I just bought 1000 rounds of 223 varmint ammo cheaper than wholesale.

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    I've reloaded for yrs all my different rifles cal. but have always bought my pistol ammo. I've been thinking about reloading for my pistols but just never got around to it plus I've been able to buy ammo for good prices. I have a stock pile of ammo plus I buy 2 to 4 boxes every week whether I need them or not.

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    I have had good outcomes buying from No shipping charges for bulk purchasses. Mobuck care to share that source ?

  10. Cabela's Fiocchi

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    Thanks Mobuck, will do.

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