Gun show buy/trade question??
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Thread: Gun show buy/trade question??

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    Gun show buy/trade question??

    At a gun show can I bring my firearm and trade it for another firearm there? If so I hear there is no paperwork to be done if it's a person to person trade / sale. Inform me on how this works and what to expect to see tomorrow. Is there a way for me to make sure the firearm I'm buying/trading is legal?

  3. Make sure it is not an atuomatic firearm. It could be a stolen firearm. No paper work is needed if neither are dealers. I have purchased a couple of glocks at gun shows. Good luck

  4. Make sure to specify what state you're talking about. (Either in the body, or by posting in the appropriate state sub-forum.)

    In Oregon, for example, *ALL* gun show sales must have a background check, even if they're private person to private person.

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    I assume you are in Florida..
    It MAY be legal by the law, but be careful.. How do you know that you are NOT getting a stolen gun??
    Demand that you at least get their Drivers license number (get there name and Address too from the license) and probably a bill of sale.. That way if any questions come up later by some gentlemen in uniforum, you can at least point them in a different direction..

    1) You have to be willing to do the same
    2) If they refuse, then you MAY be better off passing on the deal.


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    I agree with Hootmonsccy. If there is no paperwork needed, at minimum get all of the pertinent information from your trading partner. You don't want to be caught with a stolen gun without some proof that you purchased what you thought was legal/clear firearm.

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    Go to here Print up 2 one for you and one for seller. Explain to him/her that it is for their safety also to prove who the firearm was sold to.

  8. FL has a website where you can punch in the serial # to see if it was reported stolen. If you have a cellphone that can go on the web you can do it on the spot.

    FDLE Public Access System | Stolen Guns Search
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