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Thread: Some clarity on shooting dogs in defense.

  1. Well, like most people on here, I carry a pistol...not an axe handle. @pax here in Indiana we have some of the most "user friendly" carry/self defense laws around so if it's going to be that big of a pain for us here then it surely would be elsewhere. Also he clarified it based on the law, not his personal opinion.

  3. They could give a rats ass about shooting coyotes to protect livestock. I guess I should have clarified that I was inquiring about this due to the fact that I live within city limits and wanted to see if I had to shoot a dog for whatever reason of there would still be repercussions for discharging the weapon in the city limits. That was the response I got.

  4. Glad I live where I am. I had to shoot two dogs threatening life and property and I got a pat on the back and a hardy "Well done!" by local LE and I offer absolutely no apologies to anyone in doing so. My sympathies to those of you living in areas where you have to jump through hoops and play that idiotic political correctness game to justify defending your hearth, home, and possessions (including animals). (and I say the hell with anyone who doesn't like it)

  5. Yeah I'm thinking of calling the sheriffs dept for a second opinion. Sounds a little severe I mean c''s a dog.

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    I really am not willing to risk even one bite. Not my responsibility to be a chew toy. And I think some people are underestimating the damage possible from most any dog in a very short time. Bad luck in the encounter could scar, disable, kill. I have seen too many pictures of the results of dog attacks to allow the possibility. And around here people are absolutely bananas for dogs. They would view it as murder.

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    Same here Brandonm2. I live on my farm and had to put down numerous dogs that were chasing my cattle or attacking calves. I've lost a few $$$ from manily dogs that either people drop off because we are far out in the counrty or people in town just don't feed their dogs. I don't have a problem with anyone using a firearm on a dog that's attacking because if you don't stop the threat then what if it's your child or someone elses child that comes face to face with it the next time!!!! IMHO

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  8. Yep and when it happens it is usually 5 or 6 dogs. By the time you realize what is happening they have got 50-120 cows running as fast as they can possibly run usually around the fences that keep the cows in.....but aren't good enough to keep dogs out. I would drive to 50-60 yards away (if I can). That is close enough usually to get the dog's attention but too far for them to bolt (coyotes are gone long before then and they target one animal....not everything in the pasture). Any of them that stop chasing the cows to bark and snarl at me long enough for me to get a rifle up and aimed just made their last mistake. Sometimes you get dogs who are so into the hunt (this is more true with goats) that you can drive all the way up to where they are to get the truck between them and the livestock and then get a short range shot with a shotgun. The really stupid will actually charge you (the 16 gauge shotgun was MADE for that moment).

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    A possibility, at least if you are on your own property, would be to use an air gun (pellet/BB). Not a "firearm" (at least in a lot of jurisdictions), very likely not to kill but rather scare. I guess it's on the same line of thinking as the .22 post. idk.

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