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Thread: Sig p238 cocked and locked opinions?

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    1911 cocked and locked always. The Sig P238 is just a mini 1911.
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  3. Thanks for sharing.

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    P238 does not have a de-cocker. Letting the hammer down on a chambered round is asking for a ND.

    I carry mine, chambered, hammer cocked, safety on, and holstered.
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    I'm making a sig 938 holster for the wife of a customer going to Vegas for a four day course. I will not make a holster for a 1911 that has the safety in the off position, The firearm was created to be chambered, cocked, and safety on. That's how the holster will be made.

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  6. Personally if i wasn't going to carry in condition 1, I wouldn't buy a 1911 - that's what they're designed for. If I were going to carry hammer down, I'd buy a DA pistol, and I wouldn't use both the safety and hammer down. I'd pick one.

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