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    I have seen this post before... Here are a couple of additional thoughts.
    Pareto's Principle = 80/20 rule... So assume only 20% of all the hunters show up to fight the enemy. If you use 30, Mil... Just because it make the math easier... that is 6 million armed hunters. That is quite a force that really isn't going to need a lot of training. We are a rag-tag bunch!
    Oh and bye the way... I don't think a draft would be needed.
    Additionally, I haven't bought a hunting license in years. But today I put 2 of 3 rounds in a 2" circle at 200 yards. (Remy SPS .308) I did it three times in a row. Just too dang windy I guess. I wonder how many other guys are out there like me? Just one of the uncounted masses who would show up.

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    Im not in the best physical shape, i have a bad back, bad knees, and a bad shoulder, but i would show up for the fight and give it everything i had just like ever one else. I think with all of the hunters and gun inthusiasts out there we could put up quite a fight.

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    What, and bring back the draft? In this day and age? MAN, I'd LOVE to see how that goes over. Sure hope I live long enough.
    I hope that I don't ever see any of this; but it would be arrogant presumption to assume that it CAN'T happen again. If somebody nukes 2 to 20 U.S. cities, I think a ground war is probably not avoidable. There is nothing harmed by giving your kids some skills that they will never ever need and never ever use while having some father-son experiences together. On the other hand if bad things happen to good people giving YOUR kid an edge up on the learning curve MIGHT be the difference he needs. Adam Yoshida at American Thinker has already written an article attempting to predict where the next big conflict could be........
    Articles: Will There Be War?

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    I wouldn't even consider it a draft if OUR country was being invaded (beyond just attacked like Pearl Harbor and 9/11...but actual troops coming on to US soil). I know we are pushing to become a nation of wussies, but we aren't there yet. While all the hunters wouldn't be rushing to the front lines/coasts/boarders to set up a defense that our military would be doing, our hunters would sure be getting together in their towns and figuring out a plan of their own if our military somehow fails to stop the invaders. If invaders somehow manage to get past our military, they will have 6 million (from the previous 80/20 post) of pissed off gun owners aiming at them. This number does not include the gun owning non hunter citizens either. The ones that have guns for self defense, who would be more than likely to put up an even greater fight. God Bless America.

  6. Where gun owners would prove deadly to a foreign invader is their supply lines. To keep their forces at the front supplied they will have to use the interstates. An old dude with a scoped 30-06 can take out a couple of 60 mph trucks and slow that convoy down by 1 to 6 hours......especially if they have fuel trucks. Tracking down and killing that one old man would take 6-20 of their better infantry most of a day.....and he MIGHT take one or two of them with him. If there are 2 to 6 million old dudes out there willing to risk taking that shot that translates into an awful lots of shot up trucks and an awful lot of good infantry tied up away from the front chasing ghosts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost Rider View Post
    Im not in the best physical shape, i have a bad back, bad knees, and a bad shoulder, but i would show up for the fight and give it everything i had just like ever one else. I think with all of the hunters and gun inthusiasts out there we could put up quite a fight.
    You sound kind of like me. Poor knees and ankle. I can still hike, but I ain't runnin. Just walk me up to a good point of fire and let em come and get it!

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    We are the nation of "minute men" no?


    Man I loved that movie when I was a kid!

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    In regards to a hunting permit... I was once asked in an internet forum where the best spot to aim on my target was. Everyone was talking abotu lungs and chest cavity. My answer was "Head shot. I am not a hunter." I'd certainly defend my neighborhood and family should the foreign government who owns our debt choose to foreclose.

    People often ask why I own guns and I say "Look at Katrina. Look at what is happening in places like North Africa (Libya, Syria). You can't count on anyone else. I hope they never get used, but the chance is always there that they can get used."

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    this is a really nasty place to invade if u r a foreign invader, deploy in a city, and u got a bunch of gang bangers goin at u along with the earlier mentioned gun owners and cops and whoever else picks up a weapon, go out in the country with us nice friendly folks,hunters, good old boys and red necks, just not a situation u want to get into, I bet that there are enough guns that we could litteraly point a gun out every window in this country. Anybody wanna come over and play?

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