mad with Sig sauer need advise!
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Thread: mad with Sig sauer need advise!

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    mad with Sig sauer need advise!

    I recently bought a Sig 239 on Sept 1 from a local gun store, they ordered the firearm that day and it is now Sun and I still don't have it. When they went to look up where it was at there was no tracking number, any ideas of what I should do?

  3. It a sign, buy a clock.

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    What does the LGS say they are going to do? Then you can determine where to go from there!

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    They said if it wasn't here by Tuesday, they would go to Virginia and get it themselves, I reassured them that Sig should throw a couple perks my way since there's a possibility they never shipped it... And glocks are terrible can't shoot em for ****

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    Though they were probably just joking, but I want to start carrying it...

  7. it is a holiday weekend. never buy something that has to be ordered that close to a holiday. just give it a little time.

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    Ha that would work if I didn't work for a shipping company, and with no tracking number it means they haven't even sent it out for the shop to receive it

  9. It might be underwater after Irene. Be patient. Or buy a gun in hand instead of ordering it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marktype1 View Post
    It a sign, buy a Glock.
    I gotta agree with you on that one.

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    Change your title to Mad with (insert shipping company) or Mad with (insert gun store name). I doubt this has anything to do with Sig. Either that or you are just impatient. Sig makes one of the finest firearms in the world, you will be happy that you bought it, even if it takes a few extra days.

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