Did anyone see this in Nevada?
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Thread: Did anyone see this in Nevada?

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    Did anyone see this in Nevada?

    I am new here so I hope I am putting this in the right place. Another sad story. 3 dead and 6 injured by crazy gunman. 4 dead, 6 wounded in Nevada shooting - US news - Crime & courts - msnbc.com
    I try to look at things like this and hope I never find myself in a situation with my family there.

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    Heard that the wounded and killed were military. I hope its not some religious nut job like the Ft. Hood murderer. Pray for those families.

  4. My condolences go out to the victims and their family.Your in my prayers.

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    We all share your concerns and hope to God never to face such a horrible situation. I take some comfort, however, in that I am now more prepared for a circumstance like this than I used to be.

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    I sent the link to my wife and told her this is the very reason I am waiting on my carry license. We went shopping for a gun for her this weekend. With 3 boys, we frequent IHOP.

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    It can happen anywhere, last I heard he had no previous record. Be prepaired, I never leave home without paying attention and being armed.

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    I'm sure now in response to this, IHOP will post no gun signs at all there restaurants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raider-3 View Post
    I'm sure now in response to this, IHOP will post no gun signs at all there restaurants.
    We hope not. Condolences to their families.
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
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    This is such a waste and a terrible loss for the victims' loved ones. This is exactly why all honest, law-abiding citizens should carry concealed. That may or may not keep something like this from happening, but at least, there would be a possible chance. I never will be out without both my carry guns. It's not worth it to leave them home.

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    Another example of why there should be no such thing as a gun free zone. If ordinary citizens in Nevada could have carried weapons this would never have happened. (Think before you respond....)

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