CZ 75B slide releases when magazine inserted
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Thread: CZ 75B slide releases when magazine inserted

  1. CZ 75B slide releases when magazine inserted

    Great site, thanks for all the great info. I have a fairly new (3 years) CZ 75B. Great gun, no malfunctions except the other day out at the range I let a friend shoot the gun and when he slammed the full magazine in to the well (slide was locked back) the slide released and chambered a round. It only does this when I forcefully insert the magazine. CZ says it is normal, I think it is a little bit dangerous. Any thoughts?

  3. I get the same thing with my CZ52. IF you figure it out please let me know. I figured: old gun, prolly wearing out.

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    Perfectly normal behavior. Basically slamming the magazine into the gun exerts enough forward acceleration on the frame of the gun to overcome the force of the recoil spring pushing the slide against the slide latch. The relatively heavy slide, which was at rest when the magazine was inserted, tends to remain at rest, at the same time the frame is accelerated forward. With a magazine inserted, with no external forces applied, such as from the recoil spring, the slide latch is designed to fall, thus allowing the recoil spring to push the slide into full battery.

    If the slide is locked open, there is no need to slam a magazine into the gun anyway.

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  5. To me, I would welcome the fact that the weapon would chamber a round when I inserted the magazine. Far from being a safety concern, it eliminates one step that may just mean the difference between winning and losing. remember Bill Jordan? No second place winners in a firefight. Maybe you feel it safer on the range while plinking. In a serious social confrontation, shaving a fraction of a second off the required time to bring the pistol back on target might mean the difference between going home or going to the morgue, in my humble opinion.
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    As long as it didn't fire I wouldn't be too worried about it. Just be aware that it will do this and let anyone you let fire it know about it as well.

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    I have a brand new Glock (gen 4, less than 200 rounds) that will do that if I slam home the magazine. If I insert it normally ("range style") it doesn't do it but with enough force it will.

  8. I have a P229 that does it, too. Truth is, like NavyLCDR, there is no need. But we train to do things that work every time regardless of slide position and slamming the mags is one of them. Would not be concerned as long as the hammer doesn't drop, too.

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