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  1. Open Carry Day

    Blackstone Gun Safety is introducing “Open Carry Day”.

    Blackstone Gun Safety prefers people carry concealed instead of open most of the time. However, we have decided to launch this “Open Carry Day” on Monday, September 12, 2011. Why did we pick this day? 10 years ago and one day, one of our enemies attacked our country. This enemy still wants to kill us. We want to send a message to the world that not only does our military do a fantastic job in protecting our country, but “we the people”, will also defend our country. The second reason for the “Open Carry Day” is to remind people that, “we the people” are responsible for protecting ourselves and our family. Don’t rely on the government and/or the local police to do this for you. When seconds count the police are minutes away.

    We hope you possess a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher. We feel the same way about guns. We hope we never need to use any of them.

    We are encouraging you to carry legally open on Monday, September 12th. To the best of our abilities, we have notified the local police departments that this event will be taking place. People will ask you, why are you carrying a gun? Share the reason.
    1) We are sending a message to our enemies on the day after they attacked us that we will defend our country.
    2) We are reminding people, you have a responsibility to protect yourself and your family. If you’re not prepared to protect them, you are being irresponsible.

    Blackstone Gun Safety is NOT encouraging you to carry a gun where it is illegal to do so. It is your responsibility to know your local law.

    Having a concealed handgun license allows you to carry a gun in many places you are not allowed to carry without this license. Please visit our web site to see how to get this license. Blackstone Gun Safety

    Be Safe Be Smart

  3. Won't OC in the office (we don't have a "no guns" policy - probably more due to not thinking of one, so I don't want to prompt them to have one,) but I'll OC when I'm outside. Do you have any organization in Portland, OR already so I could meet up with other OCers at lunch or something?

  4. OC - know the limits

    Statement made above about knowing local laws cannot be over-emphasized. Ignorance of the crazy-quilt of laws even within a given state can get you in serious trouble. Know the law before you carry.

    Lee in PA

  5. Open Carry

    I have to fortune of working for a financial institution. That limits my cc options greatly. I do like the concept and thank you for organizing this Open Carry Day!


  6. I dunno, Matt. Just search for "bank rifle giveaway" for multiple instances of banks not just allowing guns, but actively promoting them. I think it's just YOUR financial institution. :-P (One funny thing about living in a very liberal city with a weak anti-open-carry law, so few people open carry that businesses tend to NOT ban guns, even though they can; simply because they don't think of it. I have accounts at two banks - neither one bans guns. Although I'm sure the first time I walk in open carrying, there will be a no guns sign up the next day.)

    As for open carry laws, if there are any others in Portland, OR wanting to participate, and you're not sure, here are the laws:
    Portland, OR (plus Beaverton and a couple other suburbs,) has a "no loaded open carry" law. It means you can open carry an unloaded weapon. (Where "unloaded" also means no loaded magazines, only empty magazines plus loose rounds.) Also, Oregon's state preemption for CHL holders means if you have a CHL, you *CAN* open carry loaded. There are very few exceptions for CHL holders. In downtown Portland, it basically amounts to just federal buildings and courthouses. (Technically "court rooms plus any areas adjacent to a court room or judge's chambers, at judge's discretion," but most court houses seem to have the entire court house flagged as "adjacent areas".) Also, in Oregon, it is legal for private businesses to prohibit firearms on premises, even to CHL holders, so watch out for "no guns" signs. (There aren't very many that even think of putting up a sign. Lloyd Center mall is one of the large obvious ones.)

    So, for Portland in short, if you have a CHL, open carry anywhere not signed "no guns". If you do not have a CHL, make sure your weapon is not loaded, and you have no loaded magazines on you, then open carry unloaded anywhere not signed "no guns".

    Outside Portland (and its suburbs - some have the same prohibitions, some don't, so it's easiest just to treat them the same,) open carry as you will. (Other no-loaded-open-carry cities in Oregon outside the Portland Metro area are Salem, Independence, and Astoria. Personally, I find the irony of Independence disallowing open carry funny. Made even better by the fact that it's next door to what was Oregon's last "dry" town, Monmouth - which finally allowed alcohol in 2002.)

    Finally, to OC in Oregon, you have to be 18; to have a CHL (and therefore to CC,) you have to be 21.

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    Will do. I will make a special effort to go into town that day carrying my Ruger P345 in one of my own hand made holsters designed for open carry(I have at least three) one I made from a tape measure holder.

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    I open carried into a local branch of my bank (Bank of America)one day and did business with one of the bank officers, she never said a thing about my carrying. Of course this was in Flagstaff AZ. I carry every time I'm in town regardless of where I'm going even if it's just to Home Depot, you never know where somethings going to happen.

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