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Thread: Truck safe VS Glove box

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    I have an Autosafe bolted inside the center console of my truck. It has already withstood a thief's attmepts to break into it. Mine is a small one that will hold a sub-compact like a G30/36 or an HK SK.
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    I never even gave it a thought. I carry a small American Arms and keep a 9mm Makarov in the center council.
    Being in Florida, your allowed to carry one in your vehicle and I've rarely go anywhere that I can't keep my eye
    on my truck.

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    This is the one Im looking at for my truck. I would like to find a less expensive option. The glove box dont cut it for me.

    2000-1- Ford F350 Gun Safe | Console Vault 1009 | Public Safety Source

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    Yeah that's great it secured in plastic!!!! That will stop nothing trust me!!!!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MIL-SPEC 45 View Post
    Yeah that's great it secured in plastic!!!! That will stop nothing trust me!!!!
    You should know cracker killa
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker's Mom:227862
    My SUV has a built-in space at the back where we keep our guns when passing through Illinois. Otherwise my gun stays with all times. I don't go to a Post Orifice. We pay bills online and send packages via Fed-Ex. I am one of the reasons why our post orifice is going bankrupt. We barely go to any government buildings anymore.
    In Illinois, You can transport your firearm in a standard case with a loaded mag as long as the mag is not in the gun. That case can be any where in the vehicle. The case has to fully cover the gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIL-SPEC 45 View Post
    Yeah that's great it secured in plastic!!!! That will stop nothing trust me!!!!
    You have experience with breaking into these?

    Its better than a glovebox with no lock on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich M View Post
    You have experience with breaking into these?
    Obviously he doesn't, because he thinks it's made of plastic.

    I have two of the lock boxes attached with cable to the seat mounts. One is a key lock and the other a combination so I can get to it with my key ring still in the ignition. I use two because the wife also has a license and because on some rare occasions I take two carry guns with me.
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    I have a GunVault on the floor behind the passenger seat of my Nissan Frontier. It's close enough to reach without stretching. I keep my Glock in it while I'm going down the road for a couple of reasons: 1) I can get to the gun easily with finger code 2) If I ever get T-Boned at an intersection, I figure the gun in the safe is better than being ejected from the holster (IWB) and flying around the cab, and if bystanders come around, it's not there for them to just find laying around. 3) Comes in handy if I do have to go into a restricted area, which is rare.

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